Arrow is killer this season, and I do mean that literally. Alex, Thea’s new boyfriend, meets the Grim Reaper, and so do about ten thousand unsuspecting people in a small town named Havenrock. But I guess the good news is that the rest of the world was saved, for now. Damien Darhk’s plan, called genesis, is to nuke the entire world and start over. It’s kind of a global re-do. But I guess the survivors, who are holed up in a vast underground bunker that looks like a rural neighborhood, are vegetarians. Because I didn’t see any animals or farms. And the birds we hear are just a recording. In addition, if Darhk sets off all the world’s nukes, wouldn’t the radiation hang around for years, maybe decades?   Not to mention the global devastation it would cause. Just what is Damien Darhk’s end game? Maybe we’ll find out next week.

Remember RUBICON? It’s the system that Darhk stole from Argus that allows him to arm and launch all the nuclear missiles. And the only man who can hack in and stop the launch is Felicity’s Dad, also-known-as The Calculator. He went to jail, but he escaped when Damien Darhk escaped.   Team Arrow is trying to find him, to solicit his help stopping the nukes. And Darhk’s ghosts are looking to kill The Calculator, so that he can’t monkey-wrench Darhk’s plan and stop the nukes. Luckily, Team arrow gets to him first. But when Felicity tries to take him to Palmer Tech to use their high-powered computer. But Felicity finds out the hard way that she’s been fired. Seems she’s been spending so much time fighting Darhk, she’s neglected her duties, much to the chagrin of the Board of Directors.

Back in Bunker Town, Thea runs into her Dad, Malcolm Merlin. And he tells her that he had her drugged and brought down to this place for her own good. Thea’s not happy. And Alex is nowhere to be found. And on top of all that, Lonnie Machin, also known as the Anarchist, shows up to exact some revenge on Damien Darhk. He tries to bomb the place, but Thea and Merlin stop him. So he exacts some revenge on Thea by killing Alex. Goodbye Alex.

Felicity and her Dad work on trying to stop the nuclear missiles from firing. And they stop all but one. But that missile is headed toward a big city. The only thing Felicity can do is to divert the missile so that it misses its target. But when the missile does hit, it wipes out the small town of Hevensport, killing the thousand residents. And even though she saved over one million people, by diverting the missile, Felicity will have to live with the ghost of the ten thousand that died in their place. STAY TUNED!!!!



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