Remember when the nuclear bomb hit Havenrock and killed about ten thousand people? Well their deaths power-up Damien Darhk’s magic totem, thus giving Darhk God-like power. And since Oliver knew this via his time with the totem on the island, why do Green Arrow and Spartan attack a God-like Darhk with arrows and bullets. Those didn’t work BEFORE Darhk got the power-up, and they sure as heck don’t work now. Darhk vaporizes the projectiles without moving a finger. But luckily for Oliver and Diggle, Darhk’s not in a killing mood. So he just knocks them around a bit, content to let the next wave of nukes fry them like an egg. And yes, Diggle’s superhero name is Spartan, in case you forgot. I’m going to start using it more often because I forget sometimes too. And then when someone in the show calls him Spartan it throws me off for a second.  So John Diggle is Spartan… Sparten, Spartan, Spartan.

And what about all the rest of the nuclear missiles that didn’t fire? Well Damien Darhk is a little miffed that Felicity and her felonious Father stopped Rubicon, at least for the moment. So Darhk brings in Felicity’s hacker ex-boyfriend to put things back on track. Cooper Seldon and Felicity dated when she was going through her rebel hacker phase, and he went to jail for something they did together. He’s still a little bitter about that. But Felicity brings in a helper too. It’s Curtis, and with the three hackers working on shutting Rubicon down for good, what could possibly go wrong? Well Cooper, it appears, didn’t lose a step in prison and pretty much takes over their computers. Oh snap, is this the end of the world? Not if Felicity has anything to say about it. They figure a way to use Cooper’s connection to send an energy pulse back to Cooper’s computer, and pretty much blows it up. Leaving Cooper and Darhk, in the dark. Yeah I said it.

Even when the world’s about to be blown up, there’s still time for personal drama on this show. Felicity’s Mom gets all bent when she hears Felicity call her Dad, Dad. So they have to have a talk. And ironically, Donna has been lying to Felicity pretty much her whole life. Her deadbeat Dad didn’t walk out on the family. Donna kicked him out, and then disappeared with little Felicity. So he’s not really a deadbeat Dad at all. The irony here is that Donna gave Captain Lance tons grief about lying in previous episodes, and her she turns out to be the biggest liar of them all. But luckily, Felicity isn’t as mad as she should be, and forgives her. BUT, how will Felicity feel when she finds out Donna guilted her Dad into leaving yet again, just as they were starting to bond. Stay tuned for the new Arrow soap opera, “As the World Burns.”

Green Arrow and Spartan go looking for Thea. Remember, she’s down in the impossibly high-tech underground city. Alex kidnapped her and brought her there, then he was killed by her deranged ex-boyfriend Lonnie Machin, who has a grudge against Darhk. But with Darhk in the dark and out of the picture, his wife, Ruve, is running the place. And she tells Malcolm Merlin to handle his daughter and her ex. So Malcolm drugs Thea again and bends her to his will. He did this once before when he got her to kill Sara, who’s now alive again. But that’s another story. So when Green Arrow and Spartan show up to rescue Theo she’s not in her right mind, and she attacks them. But Oliver is able to talk her back to her senses, after they go a few rounds.

Lonnie Machin kidnaps Ruve and her daughter, holding them hostage. His plan is to force Darhk into showing himself so he can kill Darhk. But Darhk doesn’t even know what’s going on, because he’s still in the dark with Cooper. So Green Arrow, Spartan, and Theo have to attempt to rescue Ruve and the little girl. But the resulting firefight causes a chain reaction that eventually blows up the entire compound. Don’t you hate when that happens.  Ruve dies, but not before getting Oliver to promise to save her daughter, which he does. And Malcolm Merlin is able to evacuate some of the residents. Though I doubt all of them survived. So the underground city is now just a humongous hole in the ground, and Oliver has Darhk’s daughter. And guess what? When Damien Darhk’s compound finally regains power and he finds out what happened. He is pissed. And even though there is no safe refuge left on Earth, he still intends to reactivate Rubicon and launch all the nuclear missiles. But to do this, and bring on the end of everything, he has to undo what Felicity’s done. That’s why he shows up at her apartment. Felicity, Curtis, and Donna are there, and in a lot of trouble.  STAY TUNED!!!

SIDE NOTE: Looks like Curtis will join the team, if he survives. He’ll be the inventor, kind of the Cisco of Team Arrow. And if they stay true to the comics, his code name will be Mister Terrific… And in case you don’t watch The Flash, which you should.  Laurel Lance from Earth-2 showed up and now is imprisoned in Star Labs.  She is a meta-human, and evil, and she calls herself Black Siren. She also has a very powerful sonic scream.  Will she ever make it to Star City?  Only time will tell.  (Team Flash didn’t tell Team Arrow any of this.)

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