Well Gotham ended out the season by setting up for next season. The episode itself revolved around a ticking time-bomb that you pretty much know isn’t going to explode. In fact, Jim and Lucius, by sheer dumb luck, stop the detonation with ‘one second’ to spare. How cliché is that? It’s so cliché that the film ‘Galaxy Quest’ spoofed that very scenario back in 1999. It was laughable seventeen years ago, and it’s just bad storytelling now. There was no suspense created, or anxiety felt. It was just a devise that served to pass time, allowing all of Hugo Strange’s villains the opportunity to get away. Well almost all, Clayface was at the Gotham Police Department pretending to be Jim Gordon, badly. He was caught, and I assumed locked up. But Firefly, Mister Freeze, Fish Mooney, and a host of unseen others, are now walking the streets of Gotham. There was even an evil version of Bruce Wayne in the batch. He looked like a Goth version of Bruce with an Edward Scissorhands wig on. They made a point of clearly showing his face, so he’ll be a player next year, at some point taking the real Bruce Wayne’s place no doubt.

The episode starts with Fake-Jim telling the cops that everything is fine and dandy at Arkham, and that Hugo Strange is as innocent as a lamb. And of course, since the police think the info is coming from Jim Gordon, they stand down and head back to the precinct. Even Harvey can’t see that Fake-Jim isn’t the real deal. Though Harvey does notice that Jim is acting weird. But when Fake-Jim explains he’s fighting the flu, that seems to be enough of an explanation to satisfy both Harvey and Alfred. It’s a good thing Barbara Gordon shows up when she does. Barbara works for The Penguin now, and they want to know what the real deal is on Hugo Strange. Both Penguin and Barbara were patients of Hugo Strange, and they know that he’s not as innocent as Jim Gordon says he is. And then when sharmy Fake-Jim flirts with Barbara, she immediately knows that he’s not the genuine article. She punches him in the face, and it smushes like clay. That’s why they call him Clayface.

Meanwhile, back at Arkham, the real Jim Gordon is tied to a chair. Then Hugo Strange jabs him in the neck with a dose of truth serum to find out what he knows about the secret organization that’s running Gotham behind the scenes. Jim knows nothing. And in another location, Edward Nygma is grilling Bruce and Lucius about the same secret organization. But Lucius and Bruce don’t know anything either. So Nygma releases poisonous gas into the chamber, like the threatened to do, and kills them both. They are dead as doornails…I’m just kidding! Nygma told them that the gas was poisonous, but it’s not, it just knocks them out. They wake up locked in the room with loopy Jim Gordon. And it’s not even a secure room. Because Selina waltzes in to tell them that Hugo Strange is moving out all his ‘special’ patients, before he blows up the place with a nuclear bomb. Then she scampers out again.

Miss Ethel Peabody rounds up all the ‘special’ patients and load them onto a bus for transport. But when she goes to sedate Fish Mooney, Fish touches her and uses her new power to control Peabody, making her Fish’s slave. And when confronted by Hugo Strange, Fish has Peabody try and take him down, before he can activate the bomb. But Peabody isn’t a very big threat and Hugo Strange knocks her out, and then activates the timer on the bomb anyway. It’s rigged to blow in 30 minutes. Which of course gives our heroes time to find and defuse it, with one second to spare. Jim and Lucius disable it by pouring water on it. Because when Peabody revives and asks for water, they think she’s telling them how to defuse the bomb, but in fact she was just thirsty. Big misunderstanding on their part, but luckily it all worked out. Yeah for the good guys. Hugo Strange gets captured, and Fish takes off in the bus full of Hugo Strange’s freaks. The bus crashes and Fish escapes. Then a homeless woman passes by and sees the wreck. She hears that people are trapped inside, so she opens the door, unleashing hell on poor Gotham.

And how does it end you ask? Well Jim Gordon decides that now’s the time to leave Gotham and go looking for Lee. Even though the city’s in more danger now than it’s ever been. So he leaves Harvey in charge of the mess he helped unleash, even stealing Harvey’s car to make his exit. And Bruce Wayne wants to find out about this unnamed secret society Nygma was talking about. So he’s going to go looking for the Court Of Owls, which will be mega-dangerous. At least he’ll probably have help from his Butler and Business Manager. STAY TUNED!! Season three will be here before you know it.

SIDE NOTES: The Penguin and Butch attack the bus, causing it to crash. They think Hugo Strange is inside. But when Penguin discovers its being driven by Fish Mooney, he passes out. And Butch runs away… Nobody is glad that she’s back, and that includes me. If I learn anything new at Comic Con this year, I’ll pass it along. Keep your eyes on The Nerd Report!!!

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