Arrow-Season-4-CostumeAccording to Felicity, a “Schism” is when you are at war with two sides of yourself. At least that’s what she tells Oliver. To kill or not to kill, that seems to be the question. According to Amanda Waller, who appears in the weekly flashback, Justice requires killing. But then again, Waller’s moral compass has always skewed toward the darker side of things. That’s what got her killed. And in the flashback, Oliver snapped the neck of his female partner: The totem infected her, and she pleaded with Oliver to kill her, before she kills. So what is Oliver to do now, in the present? When he went from the Arrow, to the Green Arrow, he swore he wouldn’t kill. But if he had killed Damien Darhk when he had the chance, Laurel Lance would still be alive. And the ten thousand residents of Havenrock, who died in Darhk’s nuclear blast, would be alive too. It is a dilemma.   And it’s one that Oliver knows he’ll have to face, if he isn’t killed himself.

Last week, Damien Darhk’s underground safe-haven got blown up, and his wife was killed. This really sends that madman completely over the edge. And now he wants to nuke the world and kill everyone in it; including his daughter and himself. So he has to get Rubicon back, and that can only be accomplished by stealing Felicity’s computer. The one Felicity, her Dad, and Curtis, used to shut Rubicon down. That’s why Damien Darhk invades Felicity’s loft. He injures Curtis and threatens Donna, Felicity’s mother. But before Felicity is forced to choose between giving Darhk the means to destroy the world or watching her Mother’s agonizing death, Team Arrow shows up. And while they fight valiantly, Darhk has God-like power, and an army, so he’s destined to win this fight. Until Thea, in her Speedy gear,  shows up with Darhk’s daughter.  Thea threatens to kill the little girl if Darhk and his men don’t stand down. Of course Darhk complies and leaves, but he also escapes with Felicity’s computer, which he seized during the melee. He gives the computer to Felicity’s hacker ex-boyfriend Cooper Seldon, and threatens to painfully kill him if he doesn’t launch those pesky missiles. So he does. Cooper launches over 1,500 nuclear missiles. And now Team Arrow has less than two hours to save the whole world…Piece of cake!

Actually, the world has two hours, but Star City only has forty-five minutes. A bomb launched from the east coast, is heading right toward them, so they get to die first. Thanks Mister Darhk, what an honor. Even Oliver feels helpless, and hopeless. That’s when the injured Curtis gives the first pep talk of the evening, inspiring Oliver and the Gang to keep going. But, the citizens of Star City are in a panic. They are looting, rioting, and pretty much loosing their minds. That’s when former Mayoral Candidate Oliver Queen arrives to calm the masses. From atop a car, he gives an inspirational speech, based on Curtis’ pep talk, which inspires the masses to hold on to hope. And as the missile bears down on Star City, Felicity and Curtis manage to hack into it and divert it at the last possible second. It’s a great exclamation point to Oliver’s speech.

Darhk isn’t happy that he isn’t dead, so he goes out to find and kill Green Arrow. But the citizens of Star City are inspired and ready to fight Darhk as well. And using their hope and determination, Oliver is able to cancel out Darhk’s magic. Thanks to a hook-up from Constantine, he learned how to do it a couple of episodes back. But once Darhk got his power-up, the process wouldn’t work, Oliver wasn’t strong enough, until now. But Darhk isn’t down and out just yet; he’s still got his army. So now it’s Darhk and his people verses Oliver and the Citizens of Star City. And it becomes a massive brawl, with Spartan and Speedy joining the fight as well.

And what about those 1,500 nuclear missiles? Well Felicity tracks down Cooper, and convinces him to do what they always wanted to do when they were together; save the world. So Cooper gives up control of Rubicon, allowing Felicity to send the missiles to blow up in space. But because of Darhk’s magic mojo, Cooper dies a painful death, but he dies a hero. Meanwhile, back at the brawl, Good triumphs over evil, as it should, and when Oliver takes down Darhk, he makes his choice. Oliver kills Darhk.

And how does it end? Well Captain Lance leaves Star City with Donna. He’s been fired. Thea gives up being Speedy. She was willing to kill a little girl to stop Darhk, and that was her wake-up call. Thea knows she needs time away from the madness. And Diggle quits too. He’s still tortured by his brother Andy’s death. He confessed to Lyla that when he killed Andy it wasn’t self-defense. She doesn’t blame him, but he blames himself. And Diggle leaves wearing a uniform, so he may have re-enlisted. So now Team Arrow it’s just Oliver and Felicity. But that’s only if Oliver continues being the Green Arrow. Because of Oliver’s commanding speech during the crisis, he’s appointed interim Mayor of Star City. So can the new Mayor govern the City by day and be the Green Arrow by night? STAY TUNED!!!!


SIDE NOTE: I’m going to Comic Con in July, so if I find out what’s going on, I’ll pass the info on to you. So keep your eyes on The Nerd Report.

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