Podcast- TAKE 2 Episode 111 A Face Off with Ghost Rider in Las Vegas

Take 2 is the Podcast that talks about all the minutia in pop culture of the week.

In this weeks thrilling episode, George and Chris recount their weekend at the Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con and a run in with Ghost Rider himself: Nic Cage.  The duo breaks down Tom Cruise elbowing everyone in the trailer for Jack Reacher 2.  Rihanna is front and center in the new Star Trek Beyond trailer.  Artimis is coming to next seasons Arrow, Supergirl finds it’s Superman and Flashpoint is on.  There’s talk of the tragic passing of Anton Yelchin.  In animation, Transformers Combiner Wars heads to Machinima, Genndy Tartakovsky teases Samurai Jack’s return and heads back to Hotel Transylvania.  WarCraft dominates in China and Pacific Rim 2 casts a storm trooper as it’s lead.  Finally, Star Wars Rogue One news to be discussed.

*This podcast contains language NSFW