October 10th Will Be SUPER!!!

The original headline was going to be; ‘Superman on Supergirl’. But that sounded inappropriate and way wrong, since the two are cousins.  But Superman will appear on the CW’s version of the series, Supergirl.  And I can’t wait to see how they handle it.  I’m a big fan of almost ever iteration of the Big Blue Boy Scout, and can’t wait for his return to the CW. As you recall, I’m sure, SMALLVILLE was on the CW for ten years. Though Clark didn’t officially put on the super suit until the finale in 2011*.  But on CW’s Supergirl, we will see both Clark Kent and Superman, in at least the first two episodes.  The producers haven’t confirmed any appearances beyond that.  But in all the publicity photos and cast interviews,  Tyler Hoechlin, who plays Clark Kent/Superman,  has been right there in the mix.  So I’m guessing we’ll see him in more than two episodes. But we’ll just have to wait and see.

And speaking of two episodes, it looks like Cat Grant may only be in the first two episodes of the second season.  When the show moved it’s production to Vancouver and out of Los Angeles,  Calista Flockhart didn’t make the move.  So Cat Grant won’t be the driving force of the show like she was in season one.  Other changes include; The arrival of Mon-el, the superguy that arrived in the Kryptonian space ship at the end of last season.  Winn will take his big brain to the D.E.O., where he can use his smarts to help Supergirl outright. Miss Martian will arrive on the scene to shake up Hank’s world.  There will be a musical Flash/Supergirl two-part crossover.  And Supergirl will appear in the massive three-part crossover that spans The Flash, Arrow, And DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow. So stay tuned!


*And to those of you still upset that they used CGI trickery in the Smallville Finale, instead of actually putting Tom Welling in the suit, I say CHILL OUT. That was five years ago, so get over it.  In this version of superman he actually wears the suit.

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