gotham-season-2An interesting part of Gotham is the era it’s set in. Everything looks vintage, so it feels like it’s set in the past. There are boxy Televisions and radios, vintage cars and trains. And men still wear fedoras.   The show has a touch of old-school charm. Even this week’s episode feels borrowed from a bygone era. It reminds me of the old Black & White version of the movie “Frankenstein”. The Penguin incites a riot by proclaiming that there are Monsters in Gotham. And then the residents of Gotham react like angry villagers. So by episode’s end; the mob storms the castle, kills some monsters, throws the bodies on the bonfire, and then dance around the flames like animals, hoisting Penguin on their shoulders like a king. Then, when heroic Jim and the feisty Vicki Vale finally kiss and start to get it on, Lee arrives by stylish choo-choo train, to throw the metaphorical wrench in their romantic plans.

Vicki Vale is a low grade version of Lois Lane. She’s an annoying reporter who will do anything to get the scoop, even double-cross the bounty hunter she’s obviously crushing on. Vale and Gordon work together to find Fish and her super-villain cohorts. They even go to see Jim’s old squeeze, Barbara Keane, for Intel. But she’s still a bit off her rocker. Though she does end up giving Jim the info he needs. That’s when Vale does the old double-cross and dumps Jim in favor of Harvey and the Gotham PD. But Harvey and his army of officers are no match for Fish and her crew, mainly because the Gotham PD are horrible shots. They couldn’t hit the side of a barn if they were standing right in front of it. They break in on Fish and her monsters, guns drawn. And when Fish and company disregard the order to surrender and begin to run, the officers open fire, guns blazing, and totally miss anyone of consequence. Even though they were standing right there in front of them.

After her daring escape, Fish comes back and kidnaps Harvey. She lays a kiss on him, using her powers, and he turns to the dark side. Meanwhile, Jim Gordon meets up with Lucius Fox, who apparently has taken over Ed Nygma’s old job at the Gotham PD. And they work together to figure out where Fish is headed. (She’s going after Hugo Strange.) So they get sickly Captain Barnes on their side, and head off to the castle-like house that Strange is imprisoned in. But with Harvey’s help, Fish gets there first. Now it’s supposed to be a secure facility, but there are apparently only two guards there, that get killed, and no other security measures. Fish confronts Hugo Strange, who claims he can’t help her. But Fish thinks otherwise. Though before she can spirit him away, the police show up and surround the house. Vale, and her army of reporters arrive as well, televising the confrontation, which Penguin sees. So that’s when Penguin mobilizes his mob and they go marching to the castle to demand their pound of flesh.

In all the confusion Jim sneaks inside the house, which is pretty easy to do, and confronts Fish. He wants to save Harvey. So he makes a deal with Fish. He’ll get her out and past the mob, if he can have Harvey. Fish agrees. Then Jim calls Penguin on the phone and tells him to incite the mob to overrun the police, so that Fish can slip out the back door while the melee is going on out front. But then, he secretly lets Penguin know where Fish is going to be so he can confront and kill her before she gets away. And that plan almost works. But when Penguin stops Fish and Hugo Strange, he has a change of heart. He can’t kill the woman who ultimately created him. So he lets Fish and Hugo Strange escape into the night. That’s when the mob pushes past the police, kill the super-villains inside, then throw their bodies into the fire.

Don’t forget about Ivy! As I stated last week, the guy that ages people touched her. So when she emerges from Gotham bay, she’s all grown up and practically a new person. Actually she is a new person they re-cast the role.   So this new Ivy is a curvy killer. The weirdly nice guy that helps her out, gets killed because he didn’t water his plants. And, as luck would have it, he had a slinky woman’s dress in his closet that fits the new Ivy live a glove, a low-cut sexy glove.

Then, back at Jim’s place, Vale and Gordon kiss, like you know they would. And that’s when we see Lee arrive in Gotham by train. And I almost forgot, because it was forgettable: Bruce makes a pact with the Court of Owls. He promises to stop investigating them, and his parent’s murder. Then, after Bruce is returned to Wayne Manor, Bruce’s longhaired double arrives. But who is he, and what does he want? STAY TUNED!!!!!


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