You never know what you’re going to get when you watch Gotham. The show can be stylized, dark, ridiculous, romantic, sadistic, silly, noir.   And in this week’s episode we got a little bit of everything. The Hatter is still around, and he likes to kill in very sadistic ways. Jervis Tetch mesmerizes the owner of a warehouse full of carnival rides and attractions. He has the man put his head on one of those old-timey he-man strength testers. Then Jervis brings the huge mallet down on the man’s head, presumably cracking it open like an egg. Luckily we only see the action, not the result. He’s doing all this because he wants his sister Alice back. And he remembers that she likes the carnival. But Alice doesn’t want to come back to him.

Alice is in jail. Jim Gordon took her in for the reward money. Even though she had just saved Jim’s life.   Her brother, The Mad Hatter, hypnotized Jim and convinced him to jump off the roof and kill himself. But Alice saved Jim. Though I’m sure being incarcerated wasn’t the show of gratitude that Alice was expecting. But it is what it is. And we finally find out why Alice ran away from her creepy brother. Jervis likes to control her, like she’s some kind of puppet. And he did some inappropriate things. The kind of things a brother shouldn’t do to a sister. Now that’s dark, even for Gotham.

Jim goes looking for Jervis. But he soon realizes that The Hatter is still in his head. When he hears anything that resembles the ticking of a clock, it triggers something in his subconscious, and he tries to kill himself. But pressing on, Jim goes to see Barbara to ask for help finding The Hatter. And though she toys with him, like she always does, she tells him what little she knows. The Hatter is looking for thugs with flair. And he finds them. Jervis uses his power to recruit The Terrible Tweeds. Five brothers who are masked wrestlers, styled after ‘Luchadores.’ They are big guys, who look a little clownish. And Jervis plans to use them to break Alice out of the Gotham Police Department.

Jim goes back to the GCPD to talk to Alice and find out what’s wrong in his head. And Captain Barnes is understanding and allows it. You can tell he still likes Jim, though he doesn’t care for what he’s become. Alice tells Jim that The Hatter is still controlling him, and she helps him discover the trigger, the ticking sound. But before they can get much further, The Terrible Tweeds attack, using carnival music and brute strength, catching the police officers off guard. The Hatter and two of the Tweeds grab Alice and go. But not before Jervis once again ensnares Jim, and gets him to turn his gun on himself. Luckily, Captain Barnes is there to knock Jim out before he can pull the trigger. *Now as often as the GCPD has been invaded, you’d think they’d be more prepared when crazies come calling.

Lee puts Jim on suicide watch, locking him up. She’s following Captain Barnes’ orders. But she allows Harvey to free Jim and go after Alice and the Hatter. The one Tweed that was captured, gives up the address of The Hatter’s hideout. There’s a shootout. And Jim is able to break The Hatter’s hold on him. But unfortunately, as Alice tries to escape her pervert brother, she falls through a flimsy railing and is impaled on a pipe. Tough break kid. Captain Barnes isn’t happy with Harvey, after all the hostage is dead. But Harvey makes it clear that he’s loyal to Jim, and that’s not going to change.

Meanwhile, Butch and the Penguin are bribing the election board members to get them to rig the election. Neither thinks that Penguin can win fairly. But Ed Nygma thinks otherwise. Nygma goes against Butch, and secretly gets the bribe money back from the officials, making it a fair election. Of course the Penguin and Butch are a little pissed, until Oswald Cobblepot wins the election fairly. Ed Nygma knew all along that the people loved him. This inspires Penguin to make Nygma his right hand man, over Butch. And of course Butch is none to happy. There is hate and revenge in his eyes. * This special election was put together and executed in record time. Probably within 48 hours. Making this storyline feel rushed and unrealistic.

And speaking of unrealistic: Fake Bruce Wayne feels no pain, and apparently is mega-strong and can leap from tall buildings in a single bound. He has to save Selina, who gets caught stealing from the wrong people, yet again. And he decides to leave Gotham, but not before stealing a kiss. But before Fake Bruce can get out of the city, the ‘Court of Owls’ Lady and her thugs show up and kidnaps him. They catch him by surprise and jab a syringe in his neck. And we find out that Hugo Strange made this copy of Bruce Wayne just for them. But what are they going to do with their very own Bruce Wayne? Maybe they’ll kill the original and replace him with the empowered copy. And maybe this meta-human Bruce Wayne is the one that becomes Batman. Wouldn’t that be a hell of a twist?  STAY TUNED!!!

LAST WORDS: Remember how Alice’s blood makes people crazy? Well, when Captain Barnes is at the crime scene, he sees a puddle of blood on the floor. It’s obviously dripping from somewhere above. But instead of exercising caution, like everyone else. They are in hazmat suits. Barnes looks up at the pipe Alice was impaled on, and a drop of blood hits him in his eye.   So next episode expect Barnes to go kill-crazy. And Butch may be motivated to madness as well…

And Selina gets caught robbing the wrong people all the time, be she always seems to luckily escape any harsh retribution. This is making her character less street-smart-cool and more cliché.  And where the heck is IVY?

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