SUPERGIRL Recap: “Change Up”

Supergirl isn’t just afraid of Kryptonite, she also fears change, just like the rest of us. Kara’s comfortable world is being rocked, and she’s scared. In fact, she almost bails on National City to move to Metropolis with Superman. But Cat Grant helps both Kara and Supergirl see that change is just another foe that can be defeated by courage and perseverance, all the right stuff that Kara/Supergirl possesses in spades. I’m going to miss Cat Grant. She’s taking a leave of absence and charging off to find her own adventure. So Kara has a new boss now, named Snapper Carr. He’s a gruff Pulitzer Prize winning Journalist, who thinks that Kara is woefully unqualified to be a reporter. He’s mean and rude, and he’s actually right. Cat Grant gave the Kara the job because she wanted it, but Kara didn’t go to Journalism School, and she has no experience whatsoever. All she’s got is gumption! And Snapper Carr isn’t impressed. Also, Superman is also leaving National City and heading back to Metropolis. He’s got Lois, and a job at the Planet to get back to, and he’s got a city to protect.

So Kara is felling a little rattled. But with Alex’s help, she’ll get through it. And if you’re wondering if Cat Grant or Clark Kent will make it back to National City, you’re not alone. The Producers would like to have both back for return visits, but it’s not their call. Calista Flockhart lives in Los Angeles, and the show shoots in Vancouver now, so they have to work around her schedule. And Superman was kind of ‘on loan’ from Warner Brothers. He’s got a movie franchise remember. And they allowed him to appear for two episodes, only. But things could change. It would be cool to see Kara get some mentoring in journalism from either Clark or Pulitzer Prize winning Journalist Lois Lane. After all, last year Lucy Lane was on the show.

Project Cadmus appears to be the new big bad, and they aren’t hiding in the shadows. After Superman and Supergirl are surprise attacked by Metallo, John Corbin on kryptonite steroids, Cadmus goes viral.  They announce to the world, or at least National City, that they have declared war on alien invaders. First and foremost Superman and Supergirl, but they also plan on going after Martian Manhunter, and anyone else not born on Planet Earth. I guess their slogan is “Keep Humanity Human.” – Well the evil Doctor, who is yet unnamed, doesn’t see Metallo’s defeat as a negative. Metallo did bring the beat-down on both Superman and Supergirl. So the Doctor decides to make a 2nd Metallo, one for each hero. And the Doc’s ruthless, preforming the procedure on her unwilling assistant. That wasn’t in the job description. Or was it? Cadmus is an evil organization, maybe possibly becoming a killer cyborg against your will, is listed as a perk.

Superman and Martian Manhunter fly off to the Fortress of Solitude to run down a lead that could possibly help find Metallo, and Cadmus. And while there, they kind of have a heart-to-heart about what’s bothering them. Superman is pissed at Hank because he keeps Kryptonite around, just in case he or Kara go rogue.   But Hank is being cautious because his home planet, Mars, was decimated by super beings, and he doesn’t want to be caught off guard again. And no disrespect to Superman, but Hank has a valid point. In season one, Earth was attacked by evil Kryptonians, Non and Astra, and the Kryptonite did help save the day. Alex impaled Astra with a Kryptonite sword, which would have been a lot cooler if Astra wasn’t Clark and Kara’s aunt, and only other living relative But, to Superman’s argument; Cadmus stole a case of kryptonite from the DEO, and that’s how they made Metallo. So I guess it’s a push. Anyway, nothing is personally resolved, BUT they do discover where Metallo is hiding.

Winn finally gets to put his smarts to good use. He makes anti-Kryptonite shields for both Superman and Supergirl. Though the new shields only cover the “S” emblems on their super suits, which doesn’t seem to make much sense. But they work, so it’s all good. In the final battle, Supergirl fights Metallo #1 in National City, while Superman fights Metallo #2 in Metropolis. But the Doctor, who I will call Lady Cadmus until they give her a name, thinks she’s won, using the old divide and conquer strategy. But wait up Lady Cadmus, the good guys are ready to block that play. Martian Manhunter is in Metropolis ready and willing to help Superman, And Alex is in her own cyborg super suit, ready to help Supergirl when she needs it. (Alex wore the same super suit when she was forced to fight Supergirl in season one). Needless to say, Metallo #1 and Metallo #2 are defeated by teamwork. Though Lady Cadmus does escape to fight another day.

Now it’s time for sad goodbyes. Hank gives Superman all the remaining Kryptonite, encased in lead, so now they are all-good. Winn is heartbroken to see his super-idol go so soon. Superman assures Alex that he’ll help find her father. And Superman and Supergirl say their Kryptonian farewell, their family bound stronger than ever. Then Superman flies up, up, and away, with the kryptonite, either destroying it, or hiding it in his Fortress of Solitude, we don’t know which. And Clark goes home to Metropolis. And speaking of sad goodbyes; Supergirl flies in to say a final heartfelt adios to Cat Grant, who still doesn’t recognize that she’s Kara. So next week, we’ll have our fist episode without Superman and without Cat Grant. OH! And Mon-el wakes up all angry. He’s the hunky shirtless alien dude, with perfect hair, that they found in the Kryptonian pod. (That’s how the CW roles) He was in a coma all of episode one and two, but now that Superman’s gone, he’s up and out of control.  STAY TUNED!!!!!

LAST WORDS: James Olsen has been appointed by Cat Grant to take her place. Which means he’ll move into the big office. Though, as a photographer, I don’t know what qualifies him to run Catco. AND, at some point this season, James will get bored with running the corporation and become the vigilante known as “THE GUARDIAN” – He will be powerless, but he gets a clunky metal outfit and a shield. And he won’t tell Kara what he’s doing. I guess he’s not taking the break-up well, because he seems to be compensating for something.

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