Mayor Penguin appointed Edward Nygma his new Chief of Staff, which pissed Butch off. But honestly, is there no vetting process in Gotham? Nygma was convicted of killing two people. Doesn’t being a convicted felon disqualify you for public office? Anyway, Butch is pissed and secretly becomes the big boss of the new Red Hood gang. They are a group of thugs, in red hoods, that terrorize Mayor Cobblepot! But Penguin is going a bit nuts anyway. He makes a life-size stone statue of his beloved mother, and carts it around with him. Then Penguin really loses it when the Red Hood Gang shows up, guns-blazing, and decapitates the statue at a safety rally. I mean, how many times does he have to watch that poor woman die?

Bruce Wayne hires Jim Gordon to find Ivy. Bruce is doing it for Selina, who he thinks he might have feelings for. Really! Like this is news? He’s liked her since the pilot episode. But Jim doesn’t find the little girl. And that’s because Ivy is a grown woman now. And she’s hiding in plain sight. Ivy runs into Selina, but isn’t recognized. Mainly because she’s not really the grown up version of the original Ivy. She’s a totally different actress. If she were grown up Ivy, at least she would resemble her younger self to some degree.

Butch is the leader of the Red Hood gang. And the gang has been terrorizing Mayor Penguin. But Butch doesn’t want Penguin hurt. He just wants the gang to scare him, so he can step in and save Penguin, appearing to be a hero. Then he can be Penguin’s number one guy again, instead of Nygma. But unfortunately, Ed Nygma finds out and blackmails Butch. He orders Butch to put on a Red Hood and shoot Cobblepot at a big Mayoral party. That way Nygma will own the city, which he offers to share with Butch. But Butch, though misguided, is loyal. And he refuses to kill The Penguin. That’s when Nygma has Tabitha, Butch’s ladylove, kidnapped. So if Penguin doesn’t die, Tabitha will.

Butch, in a red hood, reluctantly shoots Mayor Cobblepot. But his gun is filled with blanks. It’s a double-cross. Nygma shots Butch, it’s a nonfatal wound, and then unmasks him. Then Butch is discovered, and arrested. Leaving Penguin confused and angry. And that was the plan all along. Nygma framed Butch so that he could make The Penguin even more reliant on him. Nygma is a smart cookie, and he’s obviously using the mentally frail Penguin to advance his own nefarious schemes, whatever they may be. But never count Tabitha down and out. She frees herself, and then goes after her man, freeing Butch from police custody as well. So what happens now? STAY TUNED…

LAST WORDS: When Nygma shows up at the GCPD, the only one brave enough to stand up to him is Lee. She’s not afraid of Nygma or Penguin. In fact, she Slaps Nygma and lets him know she’s marrying into the Falcone family, and can have him erased at any time… Captain Barnes finds out that people affected by Alice’s blood usually take about 3 days to manifest symptoms. Which include increased strength and madness. It’s Day 3, and Captain Barnes ditches his cane, obviously getting stronger, and crazier… And speaking of Alice; The Hatter is still around killing folks. And he blames Jim Gordon for his sister’s death. So he’ll be back, and he’ll be looking for revenge…

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