ARROW Recap: Trust

When you fight a bad guy and he falls into a vat of chemicals, guess what? He doesn’t die, he gets super powers. At least in a comic book, or comic book themed TV shows. So the take away is; that old bad guys don’t die, they just come back as new ones. Oliver doesn’t trust Wild Dog, one of his new recruits, so Wild Dog decides to go after a drug dealer on his own. He fights the guy, named Sampson, and is pretty sure that Sampson dies by chemical bath. But Sampson wakes up in the morgue, and now he’s semi-super strong, and he can feel no pain. So when Green Arrow goes after him, Sampson pretty much mops up the floor with the emerald archer. Oliver is none too happy about that, taking it out on Mad Dogg, and the rest of the new team. And FYI; Wrestler Cody Rhodes is playing Sampson. Stephen Amell fought Cody Rhodes in WWE Raw.

Meanwhile, in the Mayor’s office, Oliver is taking a lot of media heat for appointing Lance as his Deputy Mayor. He is after all, the disgraced former Police Captain, and a practicing Alcoholic. And when a reporter discovers that Thea made the decision and not Oliver, all heck breaks loose. Reporter Susan Williams claims that Oliver doesn’t know what’s going on within his own organization, and that he’s not running the city, his underlings are. Is she right? Thea thinks so,  and to make things right, Thea offers to resign. But Oliver isn’t having it. And at a press conference, he introduces Lance as his Deputy Mayor. Letting the press know that, as Mayor, he is responsible fore every decision his team makes, and he trusts his team. Case Closed.

Sampson, now feeling pretty unstoppable, recruits his old cronies. His plan is to soak them in the same chemicals, thus turning them into his own semi-super army. But this time Oliver is ready for him. He brought his own team. And they go to work, taking down the bad guys before they can stick a toe in the chemical vat. And this time, when Green Arrow fights Sampson, he slices his tendons, leaving him to flop around on the floor like a fish. Just because you can’t feel pain, that doesn’t make you invulnerable. Oliver trusted his team and they had his back.

What about poor Diggle? He was framed for treason and murder. Not the Army experience he was hoping for. And Diggle still blames himself for his brother’s death. Which causes anxiety and hallucinations. Diggle thinks his new cellmate is Deadshot, the guy he originally blamed for Andy’s death. But Deadshot isn’t really there, he’s just a mental reminder.  For years Diggle blamed Deadshot for Andy’s death.  But as it turned out, Andy was still alive and working for Damien Darhk.   Until Diggle had to put him down to protect his wife and daughter. That’s right, Diggle used to have a daughter named Sara, but now he has a son thanks to the time tinkering that happened on The Flash. But the hallucination leaves Diggle a broken man. He tells Lyla that he’s not going to fight the charges, and that he needs to be punished. But Lyla ain’t having that! That’s why she goes to The Arrow Cave and asks Oliver to break John Diggle out of a military prison… STAY TUNED!!!

LAST WORDS: Curtis’ boyhood hero was a wrestler named Mister Terrific. An important factoid because Curtis’ code-name eventually becomes Mister Terrific. Probably after he develops some crime-fighting tech to help him be a better hero. Right now, he’s lame…. Curtis also rags on Felicity about coming clean to Rory, aka Ragman, about blowing his hometown off the map during Damien Darhk’s nuclear attack. She diverted a missile, heading to a big city, to his small town. She saved millions of lives, but Havenrock paid the price. And when she eventually tells Ragman, he’s not happy, leaving without a word… And speaking of lying and keeping secrets, it appears that Curtis still hasn’t told his husband that he’s a vigilante crime fighter. Maybe he should follow his own advice before it costs him his marriage…  And in the TV Universe, Deadshot is dead, and he was never Will Smith.

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