THE FLASH Recap: Mirror Mastered

In the comics, Mirror Master is one of The Flash’s archenemies. So it’s great to see him brought to life in this week’s episode. It’s also great to see The Flash confront a villain that isn’t another speedster. Can I get an amen? But there is another speedster in the episode. It’s Jessie Quick, in her brand new Cisco suit. And she looks good speeding around with Barry. Too bad she doesn’t listen to her mentor, or do what she’s told. I guess that’s a teen thing. Because her headstrong and reckless actions give Mirror Master the upper hand, and he traps Barry inside a mirror.   Don’t you hate when that happens? Mirror Master has the ability to teleport from place to place, via the mirror realm. Three years ago, when Sam Scudder and Rosalind Dillion were having an argument with crime boss Leonard Snart, the Star Labs particle accelerator blew up. Snart, aka Captain Cold, wasn’t affected. But the dark matter gave Rosalind the ability to cause vertigo in others. And Scudder disappeared, trapped within a mirror. I guess you can say, that for three years, he was a mere reflection of his former self.

Fast-forward three years. Scudder finally figures a way out of the mirror, getting a handle on his new ability. But for him, time stood still. So he decides to go after Snart and his cronies, thinking that they still control Central City. What he doesn’t know is that Snart left his life of crime to become one on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, and that he died a hero somewhere in the far flung future. Meanwhile, back at Star Labs, Barry is training Jesse, so she’ll be a competent hero on Earth-2. And Harry Wells is helping Cisco and Caitlin find a new Harrison Wells to replace him on Team Flash of this Earth. Why they need another Harrison Wells, I don’t know. The two that they’ve had so far ended up betraying Barry and the team. But for some reason they want another one anyway. So Cisco uses his vibe power to open a multi-universe breech.  Then they send an mathematical equation through, via satellite, which only another Harrison Wells will be able to figure out. It’s like fishing across the multi-verse.

Mirror Master attacks one of Snart’s old cronies, and that tips off Joe and the CCPD. So now they know that another meta-human is on the rampage. Then Joe goes to see Rosalind in meta-human jail. She tried using her vertigo ability for criminal gain, but got caught by The Flash. But Rosalind doesn’t know anything, and wouldn’t tell Joe if she did. That’s when Mirror Master appears to spring his girl, and they disappear through the reflection in the glass. They go on a crime spree, using their powers. And that’s when The Flash and Jesse Quick suit up and go after them. They confront Mirror Master and Top, that’s Cisco’s name for Rosalind. But the two escape through a mirror and end up on top of the building. Barry tells Jesse to wait, while he goes after Mirror Master. But she disregards his orders and tries to catch Top on her own. But Top uses her vertigo power on Jesse, and Jesse falls off the building, disoriented. So Barry has to disengage to go save her. That’s when Mirror Master strikes and traps him in the mirror. Thanks a lot Jesse. And just for the record; Jesse wears a mask, but calls herself Jesse Quick. She uses her real first name! How does that keep your secret identity secret? And why does Cisco name Rosalind Top, instead of Vertigo, which seems more appropriate? Is that villain name taken?

Team Flash take the mirror back to Star Labs to get Barry out. That’s where they discover that he can’t vibrate through the mirror because the mirror is vibrating too. That’s how Mirror Master stuck him in there. So Cisco, Wells, and Caitlin come up with a plan to freeze the mirror, slowing down its vibrations so Barry can escape. Good plan, but they can’t get the mirror cold enough. So when everyone else is out of the room, Caitlin secretly uses her new frost power on the rear of the mirror, so Barry can’t see what’s happening. She super freezes it and Barry is able to get free. Thus Caitlin’s secret is safe, or is it? Harry, the super smart guy,  realizes that the machine they rigged to freeze the mirror wasn’t powerful enough to free Barry.

Once free, Barry goes after Mirror Master, and Jessie goes after Top. But this time, Jesse’s done her research. She uses the speed force to shake off Top’s vertigo attack and take her down. Barry also locks down the Mirror Master, delivering him to the new Meta-jail, and a cell that has no reflective surfaces. So all is right with the world. Cisco, Caitlin, and Wells, find a replacement Harrison Wells on Earth-19. And this Harrison Wells is quirky and fun, and prefers to be called H.R.. Now it’s time for Harry and Jessie to go back to Earth-2. But before Harry leaves, he whispers to Cisco, letting him know that it wasn’t their machine that put the super freeze on that mirror. And when Caitlin goes home that night and tries to take a shower, the water freezes. And when she looks in the mirror, she discovers that her lips are blue and that her hair is turning white, like Killer Frost’s hair and lips. STAY TUNED!!!!!!!!

LAST WORDS: There was also a lot of kissing in this episode. Jesse kissed Wally. Then Wally kissed Jesse before she went back to Earth-2. Talk about your long distance relationships… And then there was Barry and Iris. When they kiss in front of Joe, Barry gets weirded out, and so does Joe. So what’s a grown man to do? How about move into your own place. That way Barry and Iris can cuddle on the couch with no worries of Joe walking in to ruin the mood… And speaking of Joe; he didn’t do any kissing, yet. But there has been some mutual flirting going on between Joe and Cecile, the sexy lady in charge of the new Meta-jail. So kissing seems inevitable.

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