SUPERGIRL Recap: Girl Fight

With no Calista Flockhart to steer this ship, the show seems to wander aimlessly from plot devise to plot devise, with no time for character development, or compelling storytelling. Tonight’s episode was about an Alien Underground Fight Club. And if that storyline sounds familiar, it’s because it was done on Smallville. And they did it better. At one point Hank Henshaw, aka Martian Manhunter, is kidnapped and forced into a death match with M’gann M’orzz, aka Miss Martian. But he doesn’t use his powers to escape. Why? He can walk through walls, and he can fly. What’s stopping him? And why are M’gann and the other aliens participating in the fight club? What do they get out of it? Are they being forced? M’gann says she’ll do what it takes to survive. But what does that even mean? She’s a shape-shifter that’s been on this planet for hundreds of years. Is waitress-by-day and gladiator-by night really the best she can do? Just last week the President showed up to sign the Alien Amnesty Act, which gives aliens the same rights as humans. So why is it still cool to make them fight to the death? The villainous Roulette claims she’s not breaking any laws. ANYWAY,  I know that the series is trying to find its new flow, now that it’s on the CW.  But so far, everything seems discombobulated. Even Kara isn’t as sweet and hopeful as she used to be.

The episode begins by showing the destruction of Daxam, Mon-el’s home world. Mon-el is the King’s personal guard and he’s tries to help the King into the Kryptonian ship, so the King can escape. But the King doesn’t want to be saved. I guess he wants to go down with his planet. So he tricks Mon-el into taking off without him. Thus establishing that Mon-el isn’t a bad guy. Meanwhile back in present day, Winn is testing Mon-el to gauge his powers. And Mon-el seems to have super strength and invulnerability. But he doesn’t have heat-vision, cold-breath, and he can’t fly. Though he can leap tall buildings in a single bound. So he’s got the stuff to someday be a superhero, after he learns to master his abilities. But he’s getting a little stir-crazy, since he’s stuck at the DEO, per Hank’s orders. So he talks Winn into sneaking him out for a Bro-date. The guys get drunk, Mon-el beaks some guys arm while arm-wrestling, and they both get caught.

Hank goes to see Miss Martian, and apparently has boundary issues. Hank goes to her place and just phases through her door, without knocking or ringing the bell. And she doesn’t like that. Then, though this is only the second time he’s ever seen her, he asks if they can mentally hook up. I guess that’s the thing to do on Mars. But M’gann ain’t having it. So she sends him packing. But in Hank’s defense, he has been away from Mars for three hundred years. No wonder his moves are a little rusty. Hank goes back to the DEO to get some advice from his girls, Kara and Alex. And they let him know that he may have come on a bit too strong. So Hank goes back to apologize to M’gann. Unfortunately, M’gann is in cahoots with Roulette, and Hank is ambushed and kidnapped.

Alex and Maggie Sawyer go undercover to investigate the Underground Fight Club. And even though the DEO seems to have agents to spare, she totally disregards that in favor of going places with just Maggie and no DEO back up. Last year the DEO had a purpose, but this year it’s apparently just a place to hang out. Back at Fight Club, Hank and M’gann are fighting to the death. Then Supergirl arrives to save the day. She takes a few hard hits from an alien warrior, but she prevails and it’s game over. Maggie arrests Roulette. But she’s released moments later, because Roulette has friends in high places. And M’gann and Hank make up, agreeing to be friends. But M’gann has a big secret. She’s been telling a really big white lie. She is not a green Martian like Hank, she a white Martian, that’s the race that killed off all the green Martians, including Hank’s family. So Hank truly is the last of his kind. Now I wonder how he’s going to react when he finds that out. STAY TUNED!!!!

LAST WORDS: Alex seems to have a crush on Maggie, asking her out for drinks. But Maggie has a girlfriend… Kara agrees to train Mon-el, and I still think there’s a romance brewing… Kara went to Lena Luthor for help finding the location of Fight Club. And now Kara owes her a favor…And Mon-el mentioned that he’d been to ‘Warworld. ’ That’s a big comic book Easter Egg. It’s an artificial planet that is run by a character named Mongul. It’s a weapon, like the death star, as well as the home of an intergalactic fight club.

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