ARROW Recap: Queen For A Day!

At the end of last week’s episode, Tobias Church was torturing Wild Dog. And this week, Tobias Church is still torturing him.   And as tough as Wild Dog is, he breaks and tells Church that Mayor Oliver Queen is the Green Arrow. That’s a big oops! And Church isn’t even grateful. He still plans to kill Wild Dog, and Church is actually making Wild Dog dig his own grave. How messed up is that? It’s a good thing that Green Arrow shows up, just in the nick of time, and saves Wild Dog. But Church gets away, and now he knows Green Arrow’s secret identity. On the bright side, Diggle is back in the fold, and ready to return to Team Arrow. And he agrees to debrief Wild Dog, to find out what he knows. But Wild Dog is in a shame spiral and he doesn’t want to talk just yet. So Diggle helps Oliver instead, by calling in an old friend.

Oliver can’t go into hiding, he’s the Mayor. So he goes about his Mayoral duties. He even flirts with the Reporter that’s been giving him a hard time. And she ends up giving him her number, that’s how suave Oliver is. But what’s up with heroes and reporters? On The Flash, Barry is dating Iris, and she’s a reporter. On Gotham, James Gordon is dating Valarie Vale, and she’s a reporter.   On Supergirl, Kara decides she wants to be a reporter. And now that Felicity is dating someone else, Ollie will probably start dating a reporter. But I digress. What about Church? He knows that Oliver is Green Arrow, but what can he do about it? That masked black archer, named Prometheus, warned him not to kill Oliver, because he wants to do it himself. And he seems to be a tough cookie, even tougher that Church.

When Oliver exits City Hall, he’s shot several times in the chest, and killed. Nobody saw that coming. Church wasn’t as fearful of Prometheus as we thought. Quinton Lance announces, in a press conference, that Oliver is indeed dead. And watching from the Arrow Cave are the usual suspects, and the real Oliver. The Oliver that got shot was a man in an Oliver mask named The Human Target. And that’s what he does for a living; Christopher Chance becomes the target and takes the hit so his clients don’t have to. He’s the old friend that Diggle called to help Oliver. And now that Church thinks Green Arrow is dead, Team Arrow can catch him off guard. If they can find him. That’s why Diggle goes back to Wild Dog, who’s ready to talk, and helps him remember clues to Church’s plan.

Church is meeting his fellow crime bosses on a deserted airstrip, to outline his plan for Star City. He wants to bring drugs in by sea, using the City’s Port, as a gateway to the entire country. But Green Arrow, Spartan, and the New Kids, go on the offensive, and defeat Church’s men. Then Green Arrow and Church go at it Mona-et-Mona, man to man.   Green Arrow wins, giving Church the beat-down he deserves. And all is right with the world. EXCEPT, Church still knows that Oliver Queen is the Green Arrow. But Church won’t have the time to tell anyone. He crossed Prometheus, by trying to kill Oliver, so Prometheus kills Church. And now Prometheus is ready to step out of the shadows and go after Green Arrow himself… STAY TUNED!!!!

LAST WORDS: Christopher Chance, aka The Human Target, had his own television series twice; once in 2010 and once in 1992… The Human Target also showed up in Oliver’s flashback, saving his life. But Oliver never got to see who he is…And why was Felicity afraid to tell Oliver that she has a new boyfriend? Chance figured it, while he was pretending to be Olive Queen, and he spilled the beans.

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