Dolph Lundgren shows up in this episode. He played the Russian antagonist Ivan Drago in Rocky IV. And in the Arrow flashback, he plays the Russian antagonist Konstantin Kovar. But that’s where the similarities end. In Rocky IV he killed Rocky’s BFF Apollo Creed. And in tonight’s Arrow flashback, he just kills Oliver’s Bratva brother’s neck. The Bratva are kind of like the Russian Mafia, but not. That all happens in the flashback. And the cliffhanger tonight’d Flashback is that Oliver has been captured by the murderous Kovar, and is in extreme danger. But relax; he’s alive in present day, so he didn’t die in the Flashback. But keep watching, because you never know who else Kovar will kill. We only know that it won’t be Oliver, or anyone else we really care about. Have I had enough of four+ years of flashbacks? Yes I have!!!

Prometheus is finally ready to take on Oliver, semi-directly. He leaves the message, “So It Begins,” for Green Arrow to find. Then he goes on a killing spree using throwing stars. He kills a helpless Mother of two, and a Cab Driver, just to send Oliver a message. And in a convoluted way it harkens back to the kill list he had in season one. Remember the little notebook full of names Oliver’s Father gave him. It was a list of all the people who ‘failed this city’. The new kids on the team are surprised that Oliver was a serial killer back in the day. And, that he was The Hood, and The Arrow, before becoming Green Arrow. Though it seems they could have figured that last secret identity thing out on their own. He wears a ‘hood’ and shoots ‘arrows.’ Also, the throwing stars used to commit murder, were made up of Oliver’s old arrowheads. Someone stole them from the police evidence locker and melted them down, creating the deadly throwing

Artemis, the underage hero, confronts Prometheus on a train. She’s trying to protect the conductor. They fight and she slices his arm, just as he’s about to kill her. But Oliver shows up and saves her, though Prometheus gets away. But not before he plants a ticking bomb aboard the train, giving our heroes only a few seconds to react. Luckily Oliver still has his parachute arrow. Yes, that is a thing. He’s used it before. He fires it and it inflates, yanking the three of them to safety just before the bomb goes off and destroys the train. But where did Prometheus go? And therein lies the twist to end all twists. Quentin Lance wakes up from another booze blackout. Turns out he’s been drinking the whole time and lying to Thea. And he’s got the same cut on his arm that Prometheus got from Artemis. AND he finds a throwing star next to him. So does this mean that Quentin Lance is Prometheus? I don’t buy it. He can barely function when he’s sober. How can he be this super ninja warrior when he’s wasted? STAY TUNED!!!!

LAST WORDS: Felicity stole evidence from her detective boyfriend. But she comes clean about it and admits that she works for The Green Arrow. He’s not pissed, which is good. But is that a paying gig? Remember, Felicity got fired from Palmer Tech, so she has to be supporting herself somehow… And they go out of their way to show that they don’t allow Underage Artemis to drink. But while she can’t get drunk, she is allowed to almost get herself killed on a regular basis…And why don’t we see Curtis’ husband? It would interesting to see how he handles it when Curtis comes home all beaten up with a knife wound in his back. How does Curtis explain that away? Does he tell him the truth, or does he tell him he cut himself shaving?


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