Will Wally become Kid Flash, or won’t he? And Will Caitlin become Killer Frost, or won’t she? And did we just meet the God of Speed? These are just a few of the questions that were NOT answered in tonight’s episode. It’s a two-part episode y’all. So, a lot of things were set-up that, as yet, haven’t been resolved. Wally is dreaming of his life as a speedster in the other reality, as seen in Flashpoint. And that leads to a mental message from Alchemy, beckoning Wally to come find him and get his power’s back. Now Wally wants powers, but he tries to fight the urge, because Alchemy is evil.  But when Wally doesn’t respond, that just opens him up to actual physical pain. So what’s a brother to do? At first he’s upset because he thinks his Dad doesn’t want him to be a speedster. He thinks that Joe doesn’t trust him the way that he trusts Barry. But what Joe doesn’t trust is the method. Getting powers from Alchemy tends to turn people to the dark side. And luckily, Wally understands that and is willing to do whatever it takes to bring Alchemy to justice, even if it means he may never be Kid Flash. Oh No!!!!!

Meanwhile, Caitlin is struggling to suppress her meta-self. She’s developing cold powers, but she doesn’t want to become Killer Frost. So Caitlin steals specially designed handcuffs from Cisco that suppress meta-human abilities. And she converts them into bracelets that she can hide under her long sleeves. Reminder for those just tuning in; Killer Frost is the murderous meta-human on Earth-2. She’s the Caitlin Snow of that world. And our sweet Caitlin is afraid that if she gains Killer Frost’s powers, she’ll also acquire her cold and callous attitude. But think about this; Cisco also had an evil doppelganger on Earth-2, named Reverb. And when Cisco gained powers he didn’t turn all evil. So I’m hoping that Caitlin can do the same; retaining who she is no matter how powerful she becomes. But we’ll have to wait and see what happens. Though Cisco vibes Caitlin’s future and does see Caitlin as Killer Frost, fighting Cisco in his Vibe gear.  That’s not a good sign.  So Cisco rats Caitlin out, telling everyone else about her powers, though she asked him not to. And Team Flash rallies around her, vowing to help… once they’ve dealt with the Wally situation.

Wally volunteers to lead The Flash, Joe, and the CCPD SWAT Team to Alchemy. The only person missing is Julian. He mysteriously didn’t show up for work. Could he be Alchemy, or one of his followers? Anyway, Wally leads them all to Alchemy’s dark lair and they pounce, before Alchemy can use his magic rock on Wally. And a bit too easily, Flash, Joe, and the CCPD take down Alchemy and his goons. But Alchemy warns that something bad is coming. And almost on cue, a speedster moving too fast to see, shows up in flashes of white light, and takes down the CCPD SWAT Team. And during the mêlée, Wally sees the black rock on the ground and picks it up. Bad move Wally. He’s instantly cocooned in this glowing black goo that forms a pulsating column. And before the Flash can try and save Wally, the metallic speedster who claims to be Savitar, The God Of Speed, catches him. STAY TUNED!!!!!

LAST WORDS: Joe and Cecile go on a movie-in-the-park date, but a meta-villain named Shade shows up to crash the party. Team Flash handles him pretty easily. And it turns out that Shade was sent as a distraction, so Alchemy can get to Wally… And when Alchemy does get in Wally’s head, Iris knocks Wally out to stop him from going to see Alchemy alone. (Go Iris)… And what’s up with Julian? Two episodes ago he softened up a bit, but now he’s the same jackass he’s always been. And why’d he disappear when everything went down? Is he part of what’s going on? See, there were a lot more questions than answers this episode. But hang in there; I think a lot of it may be cleared up next week.

MY PREDICTION:  Cisco’s vibe shows a Killer Frost vs Vibe scenario.  My prediction is that this will happen in the big crossover event.  And that the alien’s trying to take over the earth, will use there telepathic powers to make our heros fight each other at some point.

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