ARROW Recap: A vigilante named Vigilante

There is a new vigilante in town, and he’s not that creative. He wears a ski mask and calls himself, you guessed it, ‘Vigilante’. And this guy is going around killing every bad guy in sight. But to be fair; in season one of Arrow, Oliver went around killing bad guys too, but he was a little more discerning. He had his dead Dad’s list, so he knew who the upper-level bad dudes were. And he’d appear, usually in the dark, and proclaim, “You’ve failed this City”. And then they’d get an arrow in the chest region. But this new Vigilante is pretty much killing everybody. And if innocent bystanders get in the way, they’re just collateral damage. So now Team Arrow, a group of vigilantes, have to go find and stop Vigilante, because he’s doing the same thing they do, but he’s too hardcore. But that’s not going to be easy, because they don’t know who he is. And by episode’s end, they still don’t know. But I know, so I’ll tell you. The new vigilante, named Vigilante, is Adrian Chase (Josh Segarra), the new assistant district attorney of Star City. I read the comic book, and in this episode Chase gives himself away during an interrogation.

So what’s so Terrific about Mister Terrific? I like Curtis, and he’s an Olympian and a big dude, but he is a washout as a superhero. Remember when Mister Terrific took a knife to the back? Well, in this episode the gang pretends to rob a bank, to flush out Vigilante. He’s got a thing for bank robbers.   And Curtis, aka Mister Terrific, gets taken hostage, AFTER another bloody beat-down. He’s been beaten up so much his code name should be Punching Bag, or Mister Not-So-Terrific. And I bring this up because, in the comics, Mister Terrific creates these things called T-Spheres that help him fight crime. They are floating robotic spheres that can strike as flying projectiles, generate electrical charges, act as mini-computers, and do all sorts of cool things. So when is our Curtis going to create these spheres? Because as it is, he needs an upgrade!

And what’s up with Diggle and Deputy Mayor Lance? Well Diggle is being super aggressive because he’s angry. Remember that our man Diggle is still a fugitive, so he can’t go see Lyla or his son. The Police have eyes on their family home. Diggle’s son’s name is J.J.. And I bring this up because, before The Flash went back in time and warped reality, Diggle had a daughter named Sara. So you might not have known his son’s name. And what’s up with that anyway? Is that change ever going to make any sense? So Diggle is all upset this week because he can’t be at J.J.’s 2nd Birthday party. So Wild Dog, who has been staying with Diggle in seclusion, arranges for Lyla and J.J. to come by and have a party with Diggle. So now our steadfast Diggle is happy again. But what about Quinton Lance? During his drunken blackouts does he become the villainous Prometheus? He doesn’t think so, and nether does Thea. Lance confides in Thea, and tries to quit, but she won’t let him. She knows that he’s drinking again because he hasn’t been able to deal with Laurel’s death. Thea, being a caring friend, talks him into checking into ‘New Oasis’, a rehab facility. And if that doesn’t help, maybe when Laurel comes back to life in a few episodes, she can help him. (The Producers confirmed that somehow she is coming back).

Team Arrow spends their time trying to catch Vigilante. And when they stage a fake bank robbery, they almost succeed. That’s when Vigilante beats up Mister Terrific and takes him hostage. But Green Arrow is no slouch! And even though Vigilante has a gun to Curtis’ head, our Emerald Archer is able to fire off an arrow before he can fire off the lethal shot. And the entanglement arrow ties him to a post in the bank. Yeah, Green Arrow has an arrow for almost everything now. Remember his parachute arrow? Anyway, it looks like Vigilante is caught. But when Green Arrow tries to remove his mask, a flash bomb is triggered, and somehow Vigilante escapes again. But Team Arrow doesn’t give up. They’ll get him next time, if there is a next time. There is a traitor on the team. In the last scene we see that Artemis is a secret cohort of the villainous Prometheus. She’s been playing Team Arrow this whole time. So betrayal is her real super power! STAY TUNED!!!!!

LAST WORDS: Oliver has time to date Susan, the hard-nosed Lois Lane rip-off, I mean reporter. But he doesn’t have time to go to Baby J.J.’s 2nd birthday party. Isn’t he the Godfather? And he doesn’t even show up to J.J.’s second 2nd birthday party. The one Wild Dog throws for Diggle. And Felicity doesn’t show up either. They really missed an opportunity for a heartfelt Original Team Arrow moment…. Oh, and Green Arrow has an arrow that throws up a bullet-proof shield. Is Cisco his new Research and Development guy? or is Curtis using his smarts to help him out?

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