Remember last episode, when Doctor Death got pushed through a wall by Captain Barnes, fell a few stories, and then crashed on top of that parked car? Well, when Jim found his broken and bloody body, the Doc still had enough life in him to finger Barnes as the guy who did it, just before he dies. Bummer for Barnes who thought he got away with the murder. But before Jim Gordon confronts Barnes, he wants to check around, to make sure that the info is legit. So while Jim is conducting his investigation, Barnes kills three more people. He hangs a trio of really bad guys.  He’a Judge, Jury, and executioner.

Ivy’s back, and she’s still a pretty bad thief. Lucky for her she’s hot now, and she’s developed this plant-based perfume that drives men crazy. But she uses her new wiles on the wrong man, and when he recovers, he’s super pissed off. Ivy stole a big baseball-sized emerald necklace from the scary dude, and he wants it back. Terrified, Ivy high-tails it to her best friend Selina’s place to lay-low. But Selina hasn’t seen Ivy since she aged-up about ten years, so she doesn’t know who this new adult Ivy is. Selina did encounter the new adult Ivy at a party a few episodes back, but Ivy was being playful and didn’t tell her who she was. Selina freaks out a bit and calls Bruce, because they are kind of a thing now. And they talk to the new Ivy, who spills the beans about what happened. But before they can really deal with the problem, masked bad guys show up wielding crossbow-like weapons. So, to avoid getting killed, they return to the guy’s house to give him back the necklace. Hoping that he’ll call off his goons. But the guy is dead. He took an arrow in the eye. So the thugs chasing Ivy, Bruce and Selina, obviously aren’t working for the dude. Since they killed him. But who are they? And why is there a key inside the necklace?

Jim tries to convince Harvey that Barnes could very well be an out-of-control killer. But Harvey doesn’t believe him. Though he does reluctantly agree to help with the investigation. And while Harvey goes off to check out the crime scene, Jim goes through Captain Barnes’ files, in Captain Barnes’ office. And he gets caught by Barnes. Jim tries to lie about why his hand is in the cookie jar, but the Captain ain’t buying what Jim’s selling. So he takes Jim for a little ride, and that’s not going to be fun. And speaking of getting caught, Ed figures out that his Miss Kringle look-alike was murdered. And he goes to confront Penguin. Which is bad news because Penguin is the one that had the girl killed. Oswald is in love with Ed, though as yet hasn’t revealed that fact to Ed Nygma. And the girl, Isabella, was in the way. But when Ed confronts Oswald about the murder, it’s revealed that he’s come to the wrong conclusion. Ed thinks Butch did it as his way of getting revenge, for the way Ed double-crossed him with Penguin. So Penguin, lets out a sigh of relief, and promises to find Butch, so that Nygma can make him pay for what he’s done. Which in reality is nothing.   Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive.

Crazed Captain Barnes kills a guy in front of Jim Gordon. So Jim’s worst suspicions have been confirmed. Captain Barnes has been infected by Alice Tetch’s blood. And Captain Barnes knows that Jim has been investigating him. So Barnes gives Jim two choices; he can join Barnes’ murderous rampage against crime, or he can die. Of course Jim Gordon declines Barnes’ offer to join his campaign, but also he skips out before Barnes can kill him. Though Captain Barnes is hot on Jim’s trail. Jim calls Harvey for help, telling him what’s going down. And Harvey gets Lee to certify that Barnes is infected, even though she doesn’t really know for sure. But she trusts Jim and takes him at his word. So the GCPD show up and they arrest Barnes, sending him to Arkham. But is that the last we’ll see of Barnes? I don’t think so. Arkham hasn’t kept many bad guys in check so far. In fact, recently, its rod iron gates have become more of a revolving door. Penguin, Barbara, and Ed Nygma, have all been locked up in Arkham and then released, legally. So if Barnes is a super strong maniac, it’s only a matter of time before we see him again on the streets of Gotham. Could he be Gotham’s version of ‘BANE’? Stay Tuned.

LAST WORDS:  Bruce takes Ivy and Selina back Wayne Manor, to hide out.  But those bad guys with the crossbows are sure to come looking.  Will we see another siege on Wayne Manor?  And will Alfred get beat-down yet again because of something irresponsible that Bruce does?

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