Gotham has gotten complicated, but in a good way. A lot of messed up stuff is going on, and everything seems to be teetering on the edge of destruction. After having dinner with Lee and Mario, to set up their rehearsal dinner, Carmine Falcone’s car blows up. But none of the principles are killed. That’s why you valet park in Gotham. I hope that Falcone at least sends a thank you note, with a few bucks inside, to the dead Valet’s next of kin. He deserved that tip. But Jim Gordon, being the good cop that he is, finds out that Carmine Falcone wasn’t the intended victim. Someone is trying to kill his son Mario. And it’s just two days before his wedding to Lee. I guess whoever it is doesn’t want Mario to get to the church on time.

The one person that we know of who wants to stop the wedding, is Jim Gordon. Jim still loves Lee. And while Lee still has feeling for Jim, she is legitimately in love with Mario, and wants to marry him. But Jim’s not a killer, so he’s not trying to murder the competition. Not like Penguin did, when he had Isabella killed so that he could win over Ed Nygma. But Ed’s not looking for his next love connection. He’s looking for revenge. But he thinks Butch killed Isabella. That’s why he kidnaps and tortures Butch and Tabitha on the down-low. He doesn’t want Penguin, the beloved Mayor, to have blood on his hands as well. But Butch and Tabitha are part of a love triangle with the malicious Barbara Keane. And she shows up at penguin’s house, armed and dangerous, and demands to know where they are.  See, things are complicated.

But Penguin doesn’t know where Butch and Tabitha are. And he has no idea that Ed has them. So he sends Barbara on her way. But she’s far from finished. Barbara returns to the house after Penguin leaves and bribes his maid. She doesn’t know much. But she does give Barbara the address off a billing statement that Ed recently received. And she spills the beans regarding Penguin’s feelings for Ed Nygma. Which will come in handy later. Barbara goes to the address, which is a company that sells torture devises for pain and pleasure. And she uses her feminine wiles to find out where Ed sent the devises he purchased. The ones he’s using on poor Butch and Tabitha. They are being tortured because of what Butch supposedly did to Isabella. But Butch has no idea who Isabella is, or what happened to her. Too bad Nygma doesn’t believe him, making it electric shock time. OUCH!

Poor retired Carmine Falcone, Just when he thought he was out, they pull him back in. As a former crime boss, he’s not going to let someone ice his son. So he gives Jim one day to find out who’s trying to kill Mario, otherwise he’s going find out and take care of things, old school. And to add to Jim’s woes, Mario doesn’t want his help. Mario is more than a little jealous of Jim, Lee’s former love. And he thinks he can handle things on his own. But how is he going to do that without Jim’s help, or his father’s help? Well Mario’s gotten a lot angrier and stronger lately. Kind of like what happened to Captain Barnes. Did Mario come into contact with Alice’s blood and get himself infected, like Barnes did? I think the answer is ‘yes’. Though neither Jim, nor Lee know anything about it.  And at episode’s end, Lee stops by Jim’s apartment for a final kiss goodbye.  Which doesn’t sit well with Mario. He is now a dangerous killer.

Ed Nygma gives Tabitha a choice; she can kill Butch or lose a hand. At first, she opts to keep her hand. But when Butch forgives her for making that choice, because he loves her, she flip flops, and opts not to kill him. Then zing, a guillotine Ed designed, chops off her hand. Yikes! And Tabitha passes out from the shock. Then Butch goes bananas, admitting that he shot Isabella, and demands that Nygma take Tabitha to the emergency room. That’s when Ed finally realizes that Butch doesn’t know anything about what happened to Isabella. She died in a car crash, after her brakes were cut. So now he’s wondering who did kill Isabella. But luckily for Tabitha, Barbara shows up and frees them. And she takes them to the hospital with the severed hand on ice. (To hopefully be reattached)

Carmine Falcone discovers that the infamous Court Of Owls put the hit out on his son Mario. And he confronts the Owl Lady, but she won’t say why. Though she does agree to stop trying to kill Mario, so that’s something. And Barbara puts two and two together, figuring out that it was a jealous Penguin that killed Isabella. So she schemes with Butch on how to bring Penguin and Ed to their knees. And the plan she comes up with is simple, she’ll just tell Ed the truth.  And when Ed Nygma finds out that the Penguin killed his lady love,  her hope is that they’ll destroy each other.   STAY TUNED!!!!

LAST WORDS: The thugs tracking Ivy, because of the key she found, are trying to bring down the Court Of Owls. They are the Whisper Gang, and they know that something in a secret safe can  destroy the Court. And that key opens the safe. So Bruce decides to team up with the Whisper Gang to bring down the Owls, even though he vowed to lay off them. They did kill his parents after all, and now he sees that this is his chance for revenge. But an Owl Assassin kills the Whisper Gang’s leader. So will Bruce and Selina go after the item in the safe on their own, since they still have the key? Of course they will. And what is inside the safe?  Is it a weapon, or information?  Only time will tell.

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