Surprise! Arrow’s mid-season finale is dark. Okay I’m kidding, it’s not a surprise, Arrow is pretty much always dark. But this time they went that extra mile. Remember Felicity’s boyfriend, the one that seemed to appear out of nowhere at the beginning of the season. Well, after establishing how much she likes, maybe loves him, Green Arrow puts three arrows in his chest. And you guessed it; he’s dead. Hey, didn’t the same thing happen on the ‘Gotham’ mid-season finale? Of course it did. (Check out my Gotham Recap) Jim Gordon shot and killed his ladyloves’ new husband on their wedding day. But back to Arrow… Prometheus, this season’s big bad, tricks Oliver into doing the deed. Prometheus battles Green Arrow, luring him into a trap. Then using mirror trickery, he makes Oliver believe that he’s still battling Prometheus, when in reality he’s facing off against Felicity’s Boo dressed in the dark masked costume. Oliver shoots and kills the man. And when he removes the mask, he sees the truth. YIKES!

But that’s not the only bad news this episode. Oliver and Team Arrow discover that Artemis is in cahoots with Prometheus. Though we’re still not exactly sure why. It’s theorized, by her teammates, that she jumped allegiances when she found out that Oliver was pretty much a serial killer four years ago, when he first started the whole vigilante shtick. But then why would Artemis align herself with an even worse serial killer? At least Oliver went after the bad guys. Prometheus kills anyone. And he almost kills Curtis. That dude is always on the bad end of a beat down. We also find out that Curtis, aka Mister Terrific, is a bit of a hypocrite. He promotes total honesty when it comes to the team, but he’s been lying to his husband this whole time. And when devoted hubby Paul finds out that Curtis has been living this dangerous double life, he walks out on him. And that doesn’t feel terrific.

Felicity takes the news of her boyfriend’s demise better than I thought she would. And she blames Prometheus, not Oliver. That’s another surprise, because if Oliver hadn’t gone off on his own again, and had involved the team, maybe things might have turned out differently. But at least Oliver blames Oliver. And what does he do after killing Felicity’s boyfriend? He goes to see his new girlfriend for a little comforting make-out session. Something seemed really wrong with that. Maybe he should have stayed with Felicity to help her deal with her grief, instead of going off for an ill-timed booty call. That felt like something the old Oliver would do.

And speaking of the old Oliver, tonight’s flashback took us to the events in season one that birthed Prometheus. Like I said, Oliver was judge, jury, and executioner in season one. And Arrow, aka the Hood, killed Justin Claybourne, a pretty awful pharmaceutical executive who infected the poor of Starling City with tuberculosis, so he could sell the cure, at inflated prices. And whoever couldn’t pay died. He really did deserve what he got. But murder is still murder, right? That’s what his illegitimate son thinks anyway. And he is Prometheus. Though we still didn’t get a look at his face this episode. But it was fun seeing season one versions of Diggle and Felicity.

Maybe we’ll see Prometheus’ face on January 25th, when Arrow comes back. Because by the end of tonight’s episode, Prometheus and Artemis are long gone. And to continue piling on the bad news; it looks like John Diggle is about to get arrested. Remember that a few episodes back, when Diggle was still in the army, he was framed for a crime that he didn’t commit. And Oliver and Lyla broke him out of prison before he was shot for treason. Well he’s been on the lamb ever since. Then out of the blue, Diggle gets a call form Lyla saying that his son is in trouble, and he goes running to her side. But I’m guessing that the phone call was just another Prometheus trick, because SWAT seems to be there waiting for him. And when Oliver returns to the Arrow cave, after his tryst with his Lois Lane-ish girlfriend, there’s someone there waiting for him as well. It’s Laurel Lance alive again. How is that even possible? STAY TUNED!!!!!!!

LAST WORDS: Yes! The flashback actually ties directly into the story that’s being told. It only took them a 100 episodes, but they finally got it right… And this episode, though dark and twisty, was one of their better ones. I can’t wait to see what happens next.

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