We see a bloody playing card at the beginning of the episode, and it’s the Joker. So does that mean that Jerome is back, and that he officially is The Joker? Well not yet, but it sure seems like that’s the direction the show is headed. Jerome is dead, and he has been for a while. But thanks to Hugo Strange and his experiments, death isn’t the end; it’s just an inconvenience. But Hugo Strange isn’t around, and crazy Dwight just can’t seem to get resurrection quite right. So what’s a psycho supposed to do? Dwight is trying to incite a riot, but the members of his Jerome-cult won’t make a move until they hear from Jerome himself. So Dwight steals Jerome’s cold dead body from storage. It was put on ice at Indian Hill, in a cryogenic tube. But when Indian Hill got stored, with a number of other bodies, in a Wayne Enterprises facility.   And now that Dwight has the body, but not the know-how to bring it back to life, he cuts off Jerome’s face and wears it like a mask. And for Jerome’s followers, that’s good enough.

And talk about crazy; Lee is already back on the job at the GCPD, but she’s still got major anger issues. She hasn’t forgiven Jim for killing her husband Mario on their wedding day. And she’s not about to let him forget it. Lee is a changed woman, and her moral compass is broken, which allows her to forgo the rules to get results. And when Jim tries to rein her in, she’s quick to rebuke him, reminding him of his hypocrisy. She’s doing things the way he does things. And she warns that there’s nothing he can do about it. Which is the truth. Jim and Harvey bend the rules whenever it suits them, and Lee’s poised and ready to expose their misconduct if Jim gets in her way. Yeah it’s blackmail, but that’s how Lee roles now.

And talk about crazy; Mayor Cobblepot, aka The Penguin, lost it on a televised interview and now the city is turning against him. Ed, Barbara, and Tabitha made Penguin believe his father had risen from the grave. (Which isn’t impossible in Gotham) And now Penguin is teetering on the edge of insanity. And the mind games continue. Barbara and Tabitha trick Penguin into believing that the crime bosses have turned against him, AND that they’ve kidnapped his beloved Ed Nygma. That infuriates him, which was the plan all along, and the crime bosses end up dead. But that’s not the end of it. The Penguin and his goons race off to Cane Chemicals to rescue Ed, and that is most definitely a trap. One that will probably be sprung in next week’s episode.

And talk about crazy; Selina’s Mom and the villainous Cole are in cahoots. Cole goes to Bruce and Alfred and threatens to send Mommy off to jail if they don’t turn over a briefcase full of cash, which they do. But Selina’s no fool, and she finds out that the only reason her Mom came back to Gotham was to pull this elaborate scam on Bruce Wayne. Mommy heard that Bruce and Selina were a ‘thing’, and she came to cash in. And that infuriates Selina, who no longer wants anything to do with her. And she gets even madder at Bruce when she discovers that he knew it was a scam all along, and that he paid her off so she’d stay and be a part of Selina’s life. So both her Mom and Bruce deceived her. It’s heartbreaking, and Selina walks out on Bruce, maybe for good.

And Talk about crazy; Jerome’s body is in the police station, and he comes back to life. Dwight’s efforts had a delayed effect. But he doesn’t have a face, remember. And he’s a little bummed about that. He takes Lee hostage, but doesn’t hurt her. He just needs to be caught up. He was dead for a year. And he did wake up without a face. So she fills him in on everything he’s missed. Jerome laughs a lot, through the bandages. So he’s either amused, or crazed. And when he sees Dwight on TV claiming to be him, and wearing his face like a mask, Jerome is understandably miffed. So he ties Lee up, takes the police uniform off the cop he killed, and heads down to the hijacked TV station. But Jim is already there with Harvey and the GCPD, and they storm the station, free the hostages, and arrest Dwight. But he doesn’t stay arrested for long; Jerome shows up, face still all bandaged, and kidnaps Dwight.

And talk about crazy; Jerome spirits Dwight away in a news truck and takes him to the Gotham Power plant. He’s a little upset about having his face cut off, so he uses a staple gun to reattach it. The result is a cross between the Frankenstein Monster and The Joker we all know from the comics. But through it all, Jerome keeps his sense of humor. Even when he goes on TV, using the camera from the news truck. Jerome tells everyone to kill whomever he or she wants when the lights go out. And then he proceeds to blow up Dwight and the power plant, plunging Gotham into total darkness. Isn’t that funny? STAY TUNED!!!!

LAST WORDS: Where is Butch? We haven’t seen him in a while. And where’s Ivy? Did her storyline play out already? They aged her up and now she’s nowhere to be found. And what about Bizarro Bruce Wayne, and Fish Mooney? And if they are bringing people back to life, what about poor Miss Peabody? I miss her.


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