Barry Allen doesn’t have to time travel to know his future. The CW has already given the green light to a season four. So he’ll be back next fall for sure. But does that future include Iris West? That’s the big question. And Barry is willing to do everything in his power to save her from Savitar. As you may, or may not, recall; Barry boomeranged four months into the future and he saw Savitar kill Iris. And it’s been giving him nightmares ever since. It’s a secret that’s difficult to keep from Iris, since they live together now and he keeps waking up screaming.   So Barry has to come clean and let Iris know that she may only have four months to live, and that’s not exactly good news. But it’s not all bad news either. The future isn’t set in stone, so if they can alter events that lead up Iris’ murder, they may be able to prevent it. But they need Team Flash’s help, so they tell everyone what’s up, except Joe. (Which I think is a mistake.) Because they don’t think Joe can handle the news.

Kid Flash is a member of the team now, but he’s a hero in training. Barry is trying to teach Wally the ends and outs of being a superhero, while trying to deal with the Iris situation, which is a bit stressful. So they bump heads a bit. But when Wally finds out what’s going on, everything’s fine. I think Barry is also a little overprotective of Wally because he likes to showboat, and that’s what got him almost killed in Flashpoint. And speaking of new additions to the team, Caitlin wants Julian to join Team Flash for her own personal reasons. She’s feeling a little fragile, and wants Julian to help her get rid of her powers, before she turns back into Killer Frost. But the gang’s not sure about Julian. He’s kind of a friend now, though he can also be a bit of a jerk. And what are the odds of Caitlin turning back into Killer Frost?

Well the odds of a Killer Frost return are actually pretty good. Cisco vibes Barry back to the future, to get a handle on what they need to change to save Iris. And they see a video news report the outlines some big upcoming events. One of the headlines reads; “Killer Frost Still At Large.” So if things don’t change for Caitlin, her future’s pretty bleak too. The news report also mentions a Gorilla attack, and Music Meiser.   Now we know that Gorilla Grodd will be back some time this season. And Music Meiser is the villain in the two-part musical Flash/Supergirl cross over. More importantly, Barry notices that H.R. Wells is on the scene, and he wasn’t there the first time he was in that future timeline. So the things he’s doing in the present, like telling everyone about Savitar and Iris, are making a difference. Which is very good news.  Savitar still kills Iris in this version of the future, but at least their’s proof that things can be changed.   Barry and the gang just have to make the changes that will alter Iris’ fate, whatever those changes may be.

This episode was fun, but it was more about catching everybody up on events than anything. The villain this week’s name is ‘Plunder’. He’s a jewel thief with a futuristic gun. And he’s obviously no match for Flash and Kid Flash. Though it was kind of cool seeing Wally in action. And Iris doesn’t spend the entire episode in shock. In fact, she seems to pull herself together quickly. Either she’s confident that Barry will find a way to save her, or she’s resolved to live her life to the full, however long she has. And what do you do when you’re facing impending doom? You have a party of course. Barry and Iris have a house warming party, inviting the usual suspects to celebrate their new cool place. And even Julian shows up. And they invite the dude to be a part of the team. It’s a good thing Star Labs is so big. But elsewhere, we see a dimensional breech open up, and a woman in black emerges. She’s looking for H.R. Wells, and she isn’t happy. STAY TUNED…

LAST WORDS: H.R. opens Star Labs to the public, as a fund raising venture. I was wondering who was paying the bills, since Barry owns everything now. He doesn’t make that much moolah as a CSI, especially one that never seems to go to work. And Cisco and Caitlin have to making some kind of a living wage. I’m glad their addressing the financial issue, and dressing up Star Labs in the process.


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