Haley Lu Richardson

The world premiere of Columbus, the debut feature of director Kogonada, premiered at the Sundance Film Festival. It was an emotional film for the audience, featuring moving performances by John Cho and Haley Lu Richardson. Speaking about the film at the Q&A, Richardson couldn’t hold back the tears. Read what she said before she let the emotions out:

Haley Lu Richardson
Haley Lu Richardson and Rory Culkin at the Sundance premiere of Columbus

“I do know that when I met [Kogonada], we went to meet  for coffee to talk about script and we sat there for three hours and bonded,” Richardson said. “I feel like in another life, you’d be my pal, we’d be the same age and we’d be best friends. I really truly connect to him so much and I love hearing more and more what’s in your brain. That’s something that made me just wan to do this 1000 percent. The script itself was and is just like nothings, like a script of things and ordinary which I felt made it so much more impactful and special. I’m going to cry. I really love this movie.”

Once Richardson let go, costar Rory Culkin couldn’t even speak. The rest of the cast began to join in.

Cho plays a Korean businessman who must return to Columbus, Indiana to await the death or recovery of his hospitalized father. While in Columbus, he meets a recent college grad (Richardson) at a crossroads, dealing with her own issues with he mother. Look for more on Columbus after Sundance.

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