If you are destined to die four months in the future, does that make you invulnerable until that event happens? Isis West seems to think so. She’s determined to make her mark as an Investigative Journalist, before she’s taken out, with no regard for her own safety. She’s no longer boohooing about Savitar killing her. But her biggest fear is that her life won’t matter, and that Iris West will only be remembered as someone’s girlfriend. And she’s not good with that. So Iris starts using journalism instead of superpowers to help the citizens of Central City, with a little help from Kid Flash.   But it still counts.

Iris isn’t the only Team Flash member putting their life on the line. Gypsy is a bounty hunter from Earth 19, and she’s come looking for H.R., to take him back home for execution. But Cisco steps in to save H.R., by challenging Gypsy to a fight, and it’s a fight to the death. That’s rough, since Cisco is attracted to Gypsy, a woman who has the same vibe power he has.  But she’s better at it!  So it’s looking like Cisco may be killed before he can ask her out, though he does get twenty-four hours to train and bring his own abilities up to snuff before the big showdown. But on a scale of one to ten, Julian rates Cisco’s chances for survival, giving him a strong ‘one.’ And while Julian’s bedside manner is atrocious, everybody on Team Flash can’t help but agree with him.

Barry is in a bit of a conundrum; Cisco is his best friend and he wants to help save his life, but he’s still trying to figure out a way to save Iris, the love of his life. What ever happened to ordinary people problems? Barry and Team Flash help Cisco train and improve his vibe abilities. And Barry also thinks he may have a handle on the whole Iris Dilemma. If he isn’t fast enough to save her from Savitar, maybe Kid Flash can be, with some additional training of his own. Wally is quickly adapting to his new abilities, and his new status as Kid Flash. He saves the lives of a busload of cheerleaders and thoroughly enjoys becoming the man of the hour. But in addition to enjoying the limelight, Wally’s speed is developing faster than Barry’s did. Which is why Barry believes that Kid Flash might be Iris’ answered prayer.

Cisco and Gypsy put aside their obvious attraction, and fight to the death, vibing through many multi-verses in the process. They even pop into Cat Grant’s office in Supergirl’s universe for a moment, scaring the heck out of Miss Teschmacher. But surprise, Cisco doesn’t get killed. In fact, he actually wins the vibe battle, thanks to some valuable Intel from Julian, who discovered Gypsy’s Achilles heel.   And though Gypsy is ready to die, because this is a battle to the death, Cisco does not kill her. How Chivalrous! He lets his new crush return to Earth-19 where she belongs. And as a favor to H.R., she’ll report that he’s dead, so that no other bounty hunters will come after him. But that means that H.R. can never return home again. So does that mean that H.R. is the version of Wells that will stick around beyond this season? We’ll have to wait and see. And can Kid Flash’s speed exceed Barry’s, making him Iris’ savior? STAY TUNED!!!!

LAST WORDS: Team Flash can’t keep Joe in the dark much longer. He already senses that something’s wrong. And haven’t they learned by now that ‘Honesty’ is the best policy… And what about Killer Frost? Will Julian be able to help Caitlin get rid of her frost power, or at least control the power so that it doesn’t control her? Remember, on Earth-2, that version of Killer Frost actually helped Team Flash escape Zoom. So there was a bit of good in her. Maybe Caitlin can forgo the villainous Killer Frost and become the hero ‘ICE’ from the DC comics universe. Ice eventually became a member of the Justice League…

FLASH FORWARD: In future episodes we’ll see Gorilla Grodd, Ronnie Raymond, and Eddie Thawne for sure.  And I’m just guessing, but I hope to see more of Earth-3 Flash, Jay Garrett as well.    The Flash is great!  Keep watching!!!


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