The real title of this episode SHOULD be; ‘We can be heroes, unless Kara disapproves, then we can’t be heroes. Only she can be a hero.’ When Supergirl finally finds out that her old friend James Olsen is The Guardian, she doesn’t just disapprove, she throws a Kryptonian conniption. She lets James know, point blank, that it’s a stupid idea, and that if he doesn’t stop being The Guardian, she’ll stop him. Yikes! Whoa Girl of Steel, pull back on the threats. I agree that the whole Guardian thing is a stupid idea, but who put Kara in charge of all things heroic in National City? She didn’t get anybody’s approval when she strapped on her cape. Even Hank, the head of the D.E.O., didn’t want her help. But she kept doing her super thing until she earned his respect. And now that James and Winn are trying to do the same hero thing, she comes down on them as if they are her disobedient children. And she does the same thing to Mon-el later in the episode when he messes up on a mission. What’s happened to Supergirl this season? She used to be all about unity, teamwork, and loyalty. And now her motto appears to be: ‘My way or the Highway!’

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t think the whole Guardian thing works on any level. But friends talk things out. They don’t issue ultimatums.   Anyway, James doesn’t back down from the Kryptonian, vowing to keep being The Guardian, which doesn’t sit well with Kara. But she’s got bigger fish to fry. Livewire broke out of jail. And that pisses her off more that The Guardian news does. So she goes off to track down Livewire with Mon-el, her hero-in-training. And to be fair here, she’s not the only Negative-Nellie this episode. James doesn’t think Mon-el’s got what it takes to be a hero. So earlier, before she found out James’ secret identity, he told Supergirl that Mon-el is a self-centered frat boy. And that he’s no hero.  Now while that may be a jealous response, because Kara dumped James when Mon-el arrived on the scene, it’s still pretty harsh.

Amidst the name-calling and squabbling, we learn that Livewire didn’t escape she was kidnapped. And in a nice story twist, she’s the victim here. A card-carrying Mad Scientist is siphoning power from Livewire to power his own super-soldiers. So now Supergirl has to put aside her anger and disdain to try and help Livewire. But she can’t locate her, and neither can Winn. At least that is what Winn tells Kara and Hank. Winn actually does know where Livewire is being held and he gives James the head’s up, so that he can swoop in as The Guardian and prove that they are really a valid crime-fighting duo. Sneaky right? But what Winn doesn’t know is that Mon-el overheard his conversation with James, and he wants in on the action too. So Mon-el follows Winn and James. They find Livewire, and The Guardian and Mon-el go try to free her, but get captured instead. And now Winn has to call Supergirl for help.  AWKWARD!

Supergirl flies in to the rescue. She frees The Guardian and Mon-el, and they all fight the Mad Scientist and his super-soldiers. Supergirl frees Livewire, and she reluctantly helps out too. Though it’s still pretty obvious that Livewire is far from being a hero. The bad guys do get caught. YEAH!  But Supergirl lets Livewire escape in exchange for the Mad Scientist’s life. Livewire was about to kill him for what he did to her. So there is an uneasy truce between Livewire and Supergirl now. But it’s evident that they’ll clash again. And as for team Guardian, Supergirl tells James and Winn that she won’t stop what they’re doing, but she doesn’t support it. So they don’t get the acceptance they were hoping for. Bummer! And Mon-el admits to Kara that he initially wanted to be a Superhero because he has a crush on her. But he knows now that he really wants to help people. So he asks to remain her training partner, even though he knows Kara doesn’t have the same feelings for him. And she does agrees to keep training him. But does she feel the same about Mon-el? She doesn’t admit to it. But she doesn’t deny it either.  So we’ll have to wait and see.

Meanwhile, back at the subplot, M’gann is in a coma dying and Hank has to mind-meld with her to save her life. I guess Martians and Vulcans share that talent. Her people, the White Martians, are mentally attacking her. She is a traitor after all. The White Martians were killing all the Green Martians, and she refused to kill a kid, and killed some of her own people instead. That’s why she fled to Earth. And now Hank sees all this, because he’s in her mind, and he forgives her and helps her forgive herself. They wake up as friends again and all is right with the world, for about two seconds. M’gann tells Hank that the White Martians know where she is now, and they are coming for her. STAY TUNED….

LAST WORDS: I dvr the episode so I can watch it without commercials. And at the end of the recording, the dvr stopped midway through the trailer for next week’s show. And it freeze-framed on Supergirl tumbling, head over heels, after being hit by a White Martian. And that’s when I discovered that Supergirl wears blue shorts, or granny-panties, under that skirt. And that’s the problem with fighting/flying with a skirt on. Sooner or later everybody knows your business.

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