King Solomon’s Mines Blu-ray Review: Raiders Of The More Successful Franchise

Cannon’s adaptation of King Solomon’s Mines was my favorite Indiana Jones rip off. Yes, it’s a ripoff of Indy even though the classic adventure novel long predates it. They only made this after the success of Raiders and Temple of Doom. I’m surprised there weren’t more in the ‘80s. I guess it’s not easy to travel the world for exotic adventure. Back then they couldn’t fake it on green screen.

From set piece to set piece, the serialized adventure moves at a brisk pace and thrills with melodramatic perils like a giant cannibal crock pot and booby trapped diamond caves. When they run into a hostile tribe, it’s really hundreds of extras with spears and war paint.

This Blu-ray looks crisp and sharp, with film grain in the widescreen frame. The colors are bright in the jungles, marketplace and Sharon Stone’s yellow shirt. The production values hold up. Just by virtue of shooting on film on location, a cheap Cannon movie may pale in comparison to Spielberg, but it wipes the floor with today’s CGI reels.

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