Well the cat’s out of the bag now. Mon-el is really the prince of Daxam. That spaceship that we saw approaching Earth at the end of last week’s episode is part of the royal fleet. And Mon-el’s parents are aboard and ready for a reunion. But wait! Mon-el told Kara, and everyone else, that he was a simple lackey. And that the Prince sacrificed himself, unwilling to leave his people, and forced Mon-el into the last escape pod. What a lying liar who lies. Mon-el is the Prince. And when fragments of Krypton, which had just exploded, were destroying Daxam, Mon-el couldn’t get away fast enough. He left the woman he was sleeping with at the time to die. And Mon-el pretty much stepped over the weak and dying to ensure his own survival. So he’s a jerk and a coward.  And now that Kara knows the truth, she doesn’t want anything to do with Mon-el. Can you blame her?!

Mon-el’s parents are Teri Hatcher (Lois Lane) and Kevin Sorbo (Hercules).  They want Mon-le to come back to Daxam. The radiation from the meteor shower has subsided, leaving Daxam inhabitable. And they want Mon-el to help them find the Daxamites that fled during the disaster, and unite them. So they can rebuild their world. And though it is a noble quest, Mon-el refuses to go. He’s done with Daxam. As it turns out, under his parents’ rule, Daxam was just as deplorable as Kara said. They were oppressive leaders, they owned slaves, and they subjugated the Daxamites for their own benefit. So Prince Mon-el tells his royal parents to leave earth without him, and never return. Talk about tough love, without the actual love. Even if he and Kara are done as a couple, he wants to remain and try to be the kind of hero she is. Awww!

Meanwhile; Winn’s girlfriend convinces him to break into an art museum after hours, for some culture and sex. And she ends up stealing a priceless piece of art,  leaving him to take the fall. Winn gets arrested.  Then Alex talks her girlfriend Maggie into giving them twenty-four hours to catch the real thief, which they do. But Winn can’t believe that his alien girlfriend is all bad, and he’s right. Some alien mobster is holding her brother hostage and blackmailing her. So Winn breaks her out of her cell at the D.E.O., steals the painting, and arranges to meet the mobster, to free her brother. But the exchange doesn’t go as planned. The mobster discovers that the painting is a fake. And it looks like it’s curtains for Winn, his girl, and his girl’s brother, until James shows up as Guardian to save the day. BUT the mobster pretty much clobbers Guardian, laughing at how feeble he is as a superhero. And you know what? I have to agree with him. The guardian is pretty laughable. I’ve always said so. Then before the mobster can kill everyone, Alex and her D.E.O. dudes show up to save the day.

Surprisingly, neither Winn nor his girlfriend gets any jail time. Even though she is a self-proclaimed thief and Winn did vandalize and break into the art museum. I guess as long as you play for the good guys you can get away with almost anything. Winn is a D.E.O. agent now, not some lovesick kid. So why are their no consequences for his actions? I don’t get it. Anyway, everything is sorta back to normal. Except for the fact that the Daxam ship is still hovering over National City, and Mon-el and Supergirl are on the outs. And oh yeah, a new prisoner named the Music Meister is brought in. He escapes, hypnotizes Supergirl leaving her comatose, and creates a dimensional breech and escapes. He’s going after the Flash on Earth-1. Then we see inside Kara’s mind and she’s dressed in old-timey clothes and thrust onto a stage, confused.   STAY TUNED !!! Oops sorry; I mean you should tune into the Flash to see what happens next.

LAST WORDS: This was the lamest crossover setup ever. For absolutely no reason, Winn is examining the trans-dimensional doohickey that Cisco made. Then the Music Meister shows up, takes it, creates a dimensional breech and escapes, but not before tossing the doohickey back to Team Supergirl. WHAT? Obviously they need the doohickey to take the dreaming Supergirl to Earth-1 for the musical crossover.  But story-wise,  why would the bad guy want them to follow him? There better be a logical reason given in The Flash episode, that’s all I’m saying… See you there.

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