Gotham is an interesting show because the focus changes almost every season.  Last season it was the ‘Rise Of The Villains,’  and we pretty much saw the creation, or arrival, of several classic Batman villains.  We saw oddballs like;  Mister Freeze, Man-Bat, Clayface, The Mad Hatter, and possibly the Joker.  Alongside series regulars like; The Penguin, The Riddler, Catwoman, Poison Ivy, Falcone, and the Court Of Owls… And while Jim Gordon was tasked with saving Gotham from the bad guys, Bruce Wayne pretty much remained on the sidelines, more victim than vigilante.  He was a kid after all.  But this year, on April 24th,  things are about to change.  On Gotham, we’ll see ‘Heroes Rise’.

Now don’t get me wrong, Bruce is still a kid.  But he’s a bigger kid.  And according to the actor who plays Bruce Wayne, David Mazouz, the character will face some challenges and changes that will start him on his heroic journey.  Remember, the Court of Owls created an evil clone of young master Wayne.  And that doppelganger will wreck havoc on the rich kid’s life. Bruce will also get a trainer/mentor, that isn’t Alfred the loving family butler.   And more importantly, he’ll get a crime fighting costume.  You heard me!  But don’t fret, he’s not ready for The Batman’s cape and cowl just yet.  So exactly what he’ll be wearing is still a secret.  But according to David Mazous, who I spoke with at Wondercon, some form of crime fighting attire will debut by the end of the season.  SO STAY TUNED….

LAST WORDS:  While it’s true that David Mazouz has grown over up the years, he’s still a gangly teen.  I just hope they don’t expect us to believe that after a few short training sessions he becomes some badass. Fighting techniques take years to master.  And I hate when characters supposedly master those skills after a few episodes.  It’s unrealistic and insulting to the audience… And for those romantics hoping for a Bruce/Selina re-connect, don’t hold your breath.  They aren’t kissing and making up anytime soon.  They are going their separate ways, at least for now.

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