Barry gets amnesia and finds out that ignorance is indeed bliss. He doesn’t remember that his parents were brutally murdered, and he doesn’t remember being The Flash. So with no regrets or responsibilities, he’s a pretty happy-go-lucky guy, which Iris finds endearing. But he also doesn’t remember her, or any of his family or friends. In fact, there’s a cute scene where Barry asks Wally who he is, and Wally tells Barry that they’re brothers. So Barry looks at himself to see if he’s black too. And as for Savitar, who is a future version of Barry, he’s got amnesia as well. And they try to explain why that is, but it’s all time-travel logic that actually defies logic. On the bright-side though, it’s good news for Iris, because Savitar won’t remember to kill her.

It’s all still confusing. Savitar is Barry Allen, but not really. He’s a time remnant that future Barry creates to fight Savitar. A speedster can create a time remnant by running so fast he’s in two places at once, thus creating a copy of himself. Reverse Flash did it first and then Barry learned how to do it. In fact, as you recall, Barry created a time remnant to help him fight Zoom and the remnant sacrificed himself in that fight, dying. So future Barry did the same thing when fighting Savitar, but the remnant didn’t die. It just became a bitter copy of Barry Allen that no one knew what to do with. So unhappy, the remnant ran back in time to reinvent himself. And because our Barry created Flashpoint, that alternate reality realm, the remnant somehow became Savitar, the God of Speed.

Still confused? So am I. So the remnant that was created to fight Savitar, became Savitar, which created some kind of temporal loop. So Savitar has to kill Iris so that future Barry will create the remnant that will go back in time and become Savitar, continuing the cycle. And my guess is that if Iris doesn’t die, that breaks them out of the time loop.   Barry won’t get all dower and focused on revenge, and he won’t make a time remnant, and without the time remnant there won’t be a Savitar. But, if after all this resolves and there was never a Savitar, does that mean that Wally will no longer be Kid Flash? Savitar did help Wally acquire his powers. Is your head spinning yet? I know mine is. Help us Greg Berlanti, you’re our only hope.

BACK TO THE EPISODE: Barry has amnesia, and so does Savitar. So, at the moment, there is no hero and no villain. That’s not too bad, right? Wrong! When Central City is in crisis mode, and in need of a hero, Barry needs to get his memories back. He needs to become the Flash again and save lives, even if that puts Iris’ life back in danger. So Cisco and Julian have to work with Killer Frost. She still has Caitlin Snow’s smarts after all, which they need to repair Barry’s brain. And Killer Frost wants Savitar to regain his memories as well, so that’s her motive for the uneasy collaboration.   (Barry’s amnesia was triggered by a Cisco plan that went wrong) But while working together, Cisco is able to trigger some emotional memories in Killer Frost that momentary soften her icy facade. But is it too little too late? We’ll just have to wait and see. By the end of the episode she’s still the Ice Queen, but Cisco planted an emotional seed that may yet take root and flower.

Barry gets his memories back and saves the day, with a little help from Kid Flash. And Savitar gets his memories back as well, becoming the villain once again. But Doctor Tracy Brand is still working on a way to trap Savitar, when she’s not making out with H.R… The entire episode, while everything was going on, they were flirting and working on the speed canon, which could become Savitar’s undoing, if they can just get the darned thing to work. STAY TUNED!!!

LAST WORDS: I hope they don’t take away Wally’s speed when they resolve their Savitar problem. I like Kid Flash. He’s got a lot to learn, and Barry’s a good mentor… And it would be cool to see Caitlin come back as a new creation: Maybe a blend of Killer Frost and Caitlin Snow?… EASTER EGG ALERT:  When Barry has amnesia he calls himself Bart, which is also a variation of his actual name, Bartholomew.  BUT! In the comics, Bart Allen is the name of a speedster from the future named ‘Impulse.’  And Impulse is a descendant of Barry and Iris Allen…

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