Bruce Wayne’s new guru, who may be the head of The Court Of Owls and/or Ra’s al Ghul, wants to release Bruce from the anger that’s holding him back. So he uses his mystic acupuncture needles on Bruce and they go back to his dead parent’s wake. That’s where Bruce first felt the inner rage. His father was supposed to be buried with the golden cufflinks Bruce gave him the year before, but Bruce kept the cufflinks, unable to part with them. And now they symbolize his rage, so he has to mentally lock the golden cufflinks away in a safe. Then voila! The rage is gone, and now he can concentrate on training to be the protector that Gotham needs. That’s the Batman Begins story that nobody knew, until now.

HERE’S WHAT HAPPENED: While Bruce is away training, and dealing with his anger issues, Jim Gordon is trying to save Gotham from The Court Of Owls. Jim lied, telling the Court that he killed his Uncle, when his Uncle actually committed suicide. And then to seal the deal, he turned The Riddler over to them, which earned Jim his mask, and a seat at the table. But Catherine, the head Owl in Gotham, still doesn’t totally trust Jim and won’t tell him their doomsday plan. The Court is fed up with all the corruption in Gotham and plans to purge the city and start over with a clean slate. Jim’s trying to stop them, from the inside, but doesn’t know the details he needs to stop the carnage.

Jim and Harvey find out that the Court sprung Captain Barnes out of Arkham. He was exposed to tainted blood that turned him into a super strong madman. He calls himself The Executioner now, because he considers himself Gotham’s judge, jury, and executioner. The Court also kidnapped Doctor Hugo Strange, the misguided medical genius that created all the freaks in Gotham. Their plan is to extract the virus from Barnes’ tainted blood, weaponize it, and unleash it on Gotham, turning the ordinary citizens into crazed killers. The Court forces Hugo Strange into cooperating, weaponizing the virus. But he’s not on board with their plan. So when Jim and Harvey track Hugo down, he’s more than willing to spill the beans. Hugo supplies them with a sample of the virus and his notes, in exchange for a lighter sentence, if he has to face jail time at all. And we also find out that Hugo Strange was able to cure Fish Mooney, who was dying the last time we saw her. So don’t be surprised if she turns up in the season finale.

Selena Kyle was last seen falling to her death, and then she was swarmed by cats. So surprise, she’s still alive, but barely. Selina’s in the hospital and the doctors have pretty much given up on her. It’s a good thing she’s got a friend like Ivy. She uses her mind-control perfume on the Hospital staff, granting Ivy control over Selina’s recovery. (Her perfume works on women and men, in case you were wondering) Then Ivy covers the room in plants, which have recuperative powers. ZAP! Selina wakes up from her coma, and like Penguin did when he awoke, she announces that she’s got someone to kill. Though I’m guessing it’s not Ed Nygma. In her case, I think Selina wants to kill Bruce’s clone, who pushed her out the window in the first place. And just for the record, Ivy was never the sharpest tool in the shed, she said so herself. So how she found out so much about plants, I’ll never know. Maybe she self-taught herself using the Internet.

The Penguin finds Jim Gordon and wants to know about the Court, mainly because they have Ed Nygma, and The Penguin wants to kill Ed. The Penguin told Ed he loved him, and then Ed shot him and tossed him in the river to die. So Penguin’s anger is justified. But Jim can’t really tell him anything because he doesn’t know much. That’s when Catherine calls and invites Jim to a party. And once at the party, Catherine tells Jim that everyone there is going to die. It’s a test for the newly weaponized virus. And it’s also a test for Jim Gordon.   Because if he does anything to save the partygoers she’ll know that he is not truly dedicated to The Court Of Owls. But Jim can’t let innocent people die, so with The Penguin’s help, he rescues the partygoers. Of course, this blows his cover and now the Court knows he’s not one of them.

As a result of the party fiasco, the Court kidnaps The Penguin, putting him in a cage next to fellow prisoner Ed Nygma. That’s the man that Penguin wants to kill. And Catherine, who feels especially betrayed, frees Captain Barnes, aka The Executioner, and sends him out to kill Jim Gordon… STAY TUENED…

LAST WORDS: Lee still hates Jim Gordon. She knows Jim’s hiding something about his Uncle’s death, and she’s determined to find out what it is. But if she uncovers info on the Court, Lee’s life will be in danger… And what kind of changes are Selina going through? Is she becoming Catwoman? And what about Bruce? If his emotions are erased or suppressed, will he become a heartless and cold vigilante? Wait, What?!

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