The end of the season! A lot happened in the finale this time around. Supergirl faced off against a formidable foe and was triumphant. Though her victory required a sacrifice. For those of us who are comic book fans, we knew that Mon-el was not long for this world. He didn’t die, but he was banished from Earth and left to drift through space. Until a black hole swallows his ship and he disappears, possibly flung into future. In the comics, Mon-el became a member of the super group, The Legion of Superheroes, a 30th Century group of do-gooders. So will The Legion do a time jump and debut on Supergirl next year? I hope so. But the bigger question is this; Will Cat Grant be back as a series regular? Her character returned last week, and by episode’s end this week, it looks like she’s moving back into her old digs at Cat Co. And Cat Grant knows that Kara is Supergirl. After all, she is the confidant of both Kara and Supergirl, so she probably realized that they were the same person a while ago.

Superman was back too, but his return was relegated to one episode, and he was totally misused. It felt like he was just there to show that Supergirl is more powerful than Superman. Why must the show bring Superman down to lift Supergirl up? It feels like they don’t believe in Supergirl, so they have to concoct these ridiculous scenarios to prove that she’s the hero we already know she is. Superman fights Supergirl because Rhea used Silver Kryptonite on him to cloud his mind. But if Rhea had that ace up her sleeve this whole time, why not just use the Silver Kryptonite on Supergirl in the first place? It made no sense. And after the cousins fight, and Superman is himself again, he pretty much just hangs back and lets Supergirl take all the risks. Without even attempting to shoulder the burden himself. It felt like this episode undid every good thing that happened in the first two episodes of the season, when they first introduced The Man Of Steel.

HERE’S WHAT HAPPENED: Superman and Supergirl fight. Supergirl wins. They both recover at the Fortress of Solitude. Then Supergirl challenges Rhea to a trial by combat, which is an old Daxam tradition. If Supergirl wins, Rhea has to pack her alien bags and leave Earth forever. But if Rhea wins, Rhea and the Daxamites get the Earth, Supergirl stands down, and the humans just role over and take what comes.   What, What! Shouldn’t the world leaders be at least consulted before that kind of a deal is struck? But I guess it doesn’t matter, because Supergirl never plans to honor the deal. If she’s defeated, Lena and Lillian Luthor are going to flood the Earth’s atmosphere with just enough lead to make the air forever lethal to all Daxamites, forcing them to leave. (And get this: The devise is as big as a hatbox, which is ridiculous.) But if they use the devise Mon-el will have to leave Earth too. Do you see where this is going?

Supergirl and Rhea begin their battle royal. But Rhea’s troops also begin attacking National City. Their space ships begin firing on the city from above, while their ground troops lash out on the city streets. Rhea never intended on honoring the agreement either. So why does Supergirl continue fighting Rhea when the deal has been broken, by both of them, and nothing is at stake? Why doesn’t she try to save the people dying in the city around her? Is it a personal pride thing? I don’t know. Hank wakes up, thanks to M’Gann’s timely return from Mars. I guess there’s a shuttle. And they take off to help fight the attacking Daxamites, along with a group of friendly White Martians. Oh, and they drag Superman along too, since he’s just standing around as people die, with nothing better to do.

Supergirl beats Rhea. But then looks around and finally realizes that there’s a war going on. So she triggers the ridiculously small device, dispersing lead into the atmosphere worldwide. The Daxamites flee Earth with their tails between their legs. In fact, they run away so fast they forget their Queen and leave her to die. Which doesn’t make sense. They are in airtight space ships. What’s the rush? Rhea pleads with Mon-el to save her, but that doesn’t do any good. He gives her the old ‘an eye for an eye’, you shouldn’t have killed Dad, speech and lets her crumble into dust. Then Mon-el kisses Kara goodbye and hops back into the ship he arrived in, and blasts off. And as he rockets through space, he’s a little sad, and bored.   But then Mon-el’s ship  gets sucked into a wormhole, and as they say, the rest is history.

Mon-el is gone and Kara is a bit melancholy. Alex and Superman try to comfort her, but she wants to be alone. So it’s up and away for the girl of steel. And as she flies off toward season three, we see in a flashback that another baby left Krypton the same time Kara and Kal-el did. And that ship was also headed to Earth. So who is this mystery babe? I’m guessing the kid grows up to be a version of Doomsday. (That’s what happened on Smallville.)  But we’ll just have to wait and see if I’m right… STAY TUNED!

LAST WORDS: M’gann is back as Miss Martian. She shares a kiss with Martian Manhunter, proving that Green Martians and White Martians can coexist, and even fall in love… Cat Grant’s return was the best thing that happened to Supergirl this season, and they need to bring her back as a regular… James Olsen did absolutely nothing this episode. And even Cat Grant recognized that Jimmy Olsen’s Guardian identity is a waste of time. Here’s a thought, keep Cat Grant and send James Olsen back to Metropolis… And speaking of Metropolis; will we see Superman again, and maybe Lois?  Alex and Maggie are getting married.  Maybe they’re invited…  And we never got to see Dean Cain and Teri Hatcher on screen together again.  Too bad.  But at least they gave Teri a pretty impressive villain to play.  R.I.P. Queen Rhea.  You were evil, but you had style.

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