The Speed-Force is a harsh Mistress. Everything came full circle in the season finale. Remember, at the beginning of the season, when Barry went back in time and messed everything up by saving his mother and creating Flashpoint? Well tonight he had to pay the piper. We thought we lost Iris last week, but that turned out to be high-tech trickery. By the end of this episode, Barry makes the ultimate sacrifice. It’s kinda like dying, but kinda not. To restore balance, and make things right, Barry has to surrender to the Speed-Force and leave our reality forever. But it’s not all bad, because as he steps into the light, he’s greeted by an angelic version of his dead Mother. It’s very reassuring, because as we all know, Barry’s a Mama’s boy. And just an FYI, the Speed-Force took on the form of Barry’s Mom once before. So it’s goodbye Barry Allen, and welcome to the new era of Kid Flash!


We see Iris get stabbed by Savitar, and as expected, Team Flash is devastated. But Iris isn’t dead just yet, and as Barry cradles her in his arms, we find out that Iris isn’t even really Iris. H.R. used the image altering thingy to switch identities. (We saw Barry use the same devise to become Lyla in last week’s episode) So Iris is really safe on the rooftop with Joe, looking like H.R., and H.R. is the one who got stabbed, looking like Iris. H.R. felt bad about accidentally telling Savitar where to find Iris, so he concocted this plan to make it right, knowing full well that he would be killed. So faster than a speeding bullet, H.R. went from coward to hero, and did what Team Flash couldn’t do. He changed the future. Even the byline on the futuristic newspaper changed back to ‘Iris West-Allen’.

So it’s almost a happy ending. Except for H.R.’s death, which hits Tracy Brand really hard, because the two had fallen in love. (In an unrealistically short amount of time.) And don’t forget that Caitlin is still Killer Frost, AND she’s about to kill Cisco. Until Savitar stops her. He needs Cisco’s help before he blinks out of existence. He wants Cisco to alter the speed canon so that it will project his consciousness throughout time, making him one with the Universe. THat’s his plan ‘B’.  Of course Cisco refuses to cooperate, until Savitar threatens to kill Killer Frost. Then Cisco agrees to help. And speaking of Killer Frost; Julian develops a cure, with Caitlin’s Mom’s help, that will eliminate Killer Frost’s abilities allowing her to be Caitlin again.  That’s convenient.

Barry, being the hero that he is, wants to save Savitar.  Apparently Barry still thinks they can hug it out. And it almost works; Savitar does agree to let Barry help him, if he can. So Barry takes Savitar back to Star Labs, but Team Flash isn’t all that happy to see him. Then harsh feelings soften a bit when Iris forgives Savitar and also offers to help. But Tracy Brand isn’t in the forgiving mood. He did kill H.R. after all, so it’s understandable that she’s unwilling to help. And unfortunately, Tracy’s the only scientist they have at the moment that could help Savitar. Cisco is still back at Savitar’s lair with Killer Frost. So things go south pretty quickly and Savitar attempts to kill everyone, by blowing up Star Labs. But luckily, The Flash and Kid Flash are able to clear everyone out in time. But Star Labs is pretty much trashed.

Savitar goes back to his lair, finding that Cisco has finished altering the speed canon. So, as a man not of his word,  Savitar orders Killer Frost to kill Cisco. That’s messed up, right?  But then Gypsy shows up in the nick of time, teleporting Cisco to safety. But Savitar has his gun now, and he intends to use it before the time paradox kicks in and erases him from existence. So with Killer Frost’s help, he opens a time rift and has her use the gun on him. But instead of becoming one with the Universe, the gun frees Jay Garrick from his speed force prison. Cisco pulled a fast one, altering the gun just for that purpose. Now Barry, Jay, and Wally can fight Savitar; three speedsters against one. And they do bring Savitar down, after a super speed battle, but not before Savitar almost kills Cisco for his betrayal. But Killer Frost steps up and saves Cisco, proving that there is still good in her.

Superhero 101: Never turn your back on a super villain, even when he’s down and out. Savitar summons enough strength for one last attack, as Barry turns and walks away. But Iris shoots him, stopping Savitar for good, just as he’s wiped from existence. Take that Savitar! Then they all attend H.R.’s funeral, even Killer Frost. But she tells the guys that she doesn’t want the cure. What she wants is to find out who she really is, beyond Killer Frost and Caitlin. And then the Speed-Force goes bonkers because it’s out of balance. And Barry has to sacrifice himself to make things right.  No Happy Ending this time around.  In Year One’s season finale Caitlin lost Ronnie. In Year Two’s season finale Barry lost his Dad.  And this time around we all lose Barry… STAY TUNED!!!!!


H.R. is dead and gone for real. So, either Harry will remain with Team Flash, or we’ll meet yet another version of Harrison Wells. I vote for the latter, because it’s cool to see new versions of that character and how his differences change the team dynamic.

Caitlin isn’t dead, but I think her old self is gone forever. When she returns, and I hope she will, I think she will be a more formidable version of her timid self. My guess is that she will be the hero from DC comics named ‘ICE’. That character is compassionate but strong. And her Ice powers would be a great addition to the team, especially during the crossover.

Wally West will continue to grow and mature, but I don’t think he’ll become The Flash.  And if he does, that transition won’t last long. Love seems to conquer all on the CW, so I’m guessing that Barry’s love for Iris will eventually save him from the Speed-Force. And stay tuned, because I do think that we’ll see that West/Allen wedding next season.

I’ll keep you updated as things shake out. And I’ll also be at San Diego Comic Con, gathering info on all our DC shows, old and new… Keep your eyes on The Nerd Report.

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