Bruce Wayne’s guru wants to release Bruce from the anger that’s holding him back. So he uses his mystic acupuncture needles on Bruce and they go back into his head to lock away his Mother’s pearls, which symbolize that anger. And once all of Bruce’s anger is gone, he’s numb to everything that made Bruce who he is. That was the plan all along: Take away Bruce’s past to control his future. Bruce Wayne’s new Guru is a manipulator, and he has effectively turned Bruce into a mindless drone that is now under his complete control. Good going Bruce!

The Court Of Owls have The Penguin and The Riddler locked up in a couple of oversized birdcages. And at first they bicker, and try to kill each other, like an angry couple going through a bitter divorce. But then they realize that they will have to work together to break out, which is a bitter pill to swallow. But they call a truce and team up, eventually freeing themselves. Then they part ways, vowing to kill each other. Ed has Barbara and her thug nation at his disposal, and Oswald has his army of freaks.  May the worst man win.

And speaking of freaks; Ex-Captain Barnes has an ax for a hand, and he’s armored up and ready to take on Jim Gordon, and all of Gotham. He’s got super strength, thanks to the virus that’s also making him crazy. So when he tracks down Harvey and Jim, he easily overpowers Harvey and kidnaps Jim. He could have, and should have, killed Jim then and there. That would have made the most sense. But instead Barnes, aka The Executioner, takes Jim to a makeshift courthouse to get talked at by Catherine, the Owl Queen. Which of course gives Jim time and opportunity to escape.

Meanwhile, Selina shows up at Wayne Manor to kill Bruce’s clone. The slug it out, but the clone has the upper hand, since he feels no pain. That’s when Alfred shows up and stops the fight, finally realizing that this isn’t his Bruce. Enraged, Alfred and the clone fight. And once again, Alfred gets a beat down, eventually getting knocked out. Honestly, he’s supposed to be a badass, but he continually loses every fight he’s in. Maybe it’s time to hire a bodyguard.

Back at the GCPD, Jim has Catherine arrested and brought in. But she won’t talk to Harvey or Jim. Then Alfred shows up and stabs her in the hand. That gets her attention. But while they are in the interrogation room, The Executioner shows up and pretty much kills almost everybody at the station. And when Catherine mouths off, demanding that he stop his rampage and help her escape, he cuts off her head. I guess their alliance is over. But once again, instead of killing Jim Gordon immediately, he monologues. Giving Jim the opportunity he needs to grab a shotgun and blast Barnes’ ax hand clean off. Then Jim arrests him.

Lee has been going on her own personal journey this time around. She goes to Arkham to talk to the Mad Hatter. She wants to know why he infected her husband Mario with the virus. She’s been blaming Jim this whole time, but wants to know the truth. But unfortunately, she can’t handle the truth. The Mad Hatter informs her that she’s to blame. He infected Mario with the virus because he knew Lee still loved Jim. And the Hatter knew that Jim would kill crazed Mario, and that she would then hate Jim. A scenario that eventually came to pass. Flustered by this new revelation, Lee steals what’s left of the virus that’s locked up at the GCPD. She takes it home, and then injects herself with the virus, infecting herself. Then her lips curl into a calm smile as the virus takes away her pain and changes her into a monster. STAY TUNED!!!!

LAST WORDS: The episode felt long and talky. But Lee’s tormented journey and ultimate solution was a twist I didn’t see coming. Bravo Gotham, you went there. Now I can’t wait to see how this all plays out… Also, Barnes escaped, on the way back to Arkham,  so you’ll probably see The Executioner again real soon.  Watch your back Jim Gordon.

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