Ghost World Criterion Collection Blu-ray Review

My first thought was Ghost World was one of Criterion’s more modern releases. Then I remembered its 16 years old. Time sure flies and I somehow hadn’t revisited the film since 2001, although I still remember Steve Buscemi’s line, “Have some more kids, why don’t you?” So if you’re like me, or if you’ve been a devoted fan the past decade and a half, the Criterion Collection Blu-ray is for you.

The picture from a 4K transfer is super bright and sharp. Enid’s jet black bob and brief bright green punk look are downright shiny. Her lips go from pink to yellow to lavender, but really it’s her goth foundation that is most distinct. The fashion glows too, the bright blue raptor shirt or yellow eyelid dress, Enid’s red outfit with red tights and Roberta’a bohemian fashion too.

You get the actors in a 41 minute interview segment with Thora Birch, Scarlett Johansson and Illeana Douglas. They recall the character analysis as if it were yesterday, but now they also have the perspective of the impact it’s had on fans.

A brand new commentary with Terry Zwigoff, Dan Clowes and producer Lianne Halfon sounds like casual reminiscences. This includes stories of the Indian filmmakers providing the opening film clip and recalling edgy lines that got cut. There are in depth stories about various extras and day players, and even some of the props. Birch’s stand-in appears in a surprising walk on role. There’s even an awesome Lawrence Tierney story and they didn’t even cast him. One of the props is from Fargo.

The deleted scenes are still in standard def but they’re included again, as is the complete music sequence from the Indian movie Gumnaam. The full frame 1965 film holds up. It’s got scratches and marks but it’s preserved better than, say, Hong Kong films as recent as the ’80s and ’90s.