Remember how Lee  gave herself a shot of the virus with the super villain syringe? Well, she’s got plans for Jim Gordon too. Lee finally admits that she still loves Jim, which is great. But she wants him to convert, and I’m not talking religion. Lee wants Jim to take the needle, like she did, so he can turn into a rage monster too. Ain’t love grand? But Jim is a bit hesitant, so Lee knocks him out, carts him away in the trunk of her car, and then buries him alive. Talk about tough love. But there is one way out; Jim can take the syringe Lee left in the coffin, shoot up with the virus, become a monster too, then muscle his way up and out of the grave/prison. But will Jim Gordon do the unthinkable before the air runs out and he suffocates? That’s the one million dollar question…

MEANWHILE: Brainwashed Bruce and his Mystic Mentor are back in Gotham. They go to a Court of Owls meet and greet, and the Mentor gives the order, and every Owl around that table is killed. They get sliced and diced as payback for killing Bruce’s parents. In fact, Bruce was supposed to give the order, but didn’t. Though he assures his mentor that next time he’ll man-up and do what has to be done. But will he? We know our Bruce is a sweetheart, so can he really be a ruthless killer? I don’t think so. But his mentor still has high hopes.

Ed Nygma, aka The Riddler, reunites with Barbara, Tabitha, and Butch. And they aren’t thrilled to see him. Tabitha is still upset at Ed for chopping off her hand. Butch is still pretty mad at Nygma for almost getting him killed. And Barbara, who likes being in charge, isn’t happy that The Riddler’s still trying to call the shots. (And she’s also on the outs with Tabitha, because she betrayed her.)  But through all the dysfunction, they reunite against the greater threat, The Penguin. They are surprised of course that he’s still alive. And when Ed Nygma informs them that Penguin is amassing a freak army, the group agrees that the Penguin has to die… again.

But The Penguin’s freaky foot soldiers have flown the coop. Remember that Oswald was missing for a while, imprisoned by the Court. So Firefly and Mister Freeze left, assuming he’d never return. So back at the Greenhouse, only Oswald, Selina, and ditzy Ivy are holding down the fort. Unfortunately, Butch and the Riddler track down Oswald and crew, but they manage to escape. But not for long though, because thanks to a tip from Selina, the second time’s the charm. Penguin and Ivy get captured. And they are almost killed, until Fish Mooney shows up out of nowhere and takes Penguin away with her. Leaving Butch, Tabitha, and Barbara with egg on their faces, and no one to murder. Don’t you just hate when that happens? I guess they could kill Ivy, but what would be the point?

Back at the GCPD, Lee shows up all angry and infected. She tells Harvey that Jim Gordon is buried alive, but she won’t say where he is. Though Lee allows Jim to talk to Harvey, via walkie-talkie. Just to verify that he is indeed buried and running out of air. Lee wants Jim to inject himself with the virus, proving that he’s dark and dangerous, her perfect match. And don’t forget that the Court is still set to explode the doomsday bomb, which will infect the entire city with the virus. So there’s still that to worry about. But Harvey will find Jim in time, won’t he? And they’ll stop the bomb, right?! Wrong! Maybe in a perfect world. But that’s not Gotham.

Jim isn’t found in time, and has to inject himself with the virus. He becomes a super strong maniac and breaks out of the coffin, digging himself free. But he’s still fundamentally Jim, and he races off to stop the bomb. Unfortunately, Brainwashed Bruce has the detonator and he’s about to pull the trigger. But he hesitates when Alfred shows up and begs him not to. That’s when Bruce’s new Mentor defies Alfred, Bruce’s former Mentor, and detonates the bomb. Alfred shoots and kills the guy, as he should, being a butler and all.  But Bruce doesn’t see it that way, and enraged, attacks Alfred and has to be carted away. But the bomb doesn’t go off…yet. The detonator triggered a 30 second countdown, giving infected Jim enough time to find the bomb and disarm it.

But wait!  Right before crazed and infected Jim can disarm the bomb, evil Lee shows up and stops him. She loves dark Jim, and wants her newly infected lover by her side when the world goes mad. I mean, who wouldn’t want that? So the bomb goes off, just like the Court Of Owls planned.   And we see the poisonous red gas spreading over Gotham,  infecting everyone in it touches. Not exactly the happy ending we expected.  The good guys lost. STAY TUNED!!!

LAST WORDS: Bruce’s Mystic Mentor’s last words will send Bruce searching for “Ra’s al ghul” in next week’s two-hour season finale. Hopefully to complete his training as Gotham’s new protector. He won’t don the Batsuit, but don’t be surprised if he does take on another persona…   And now that both Lee and Jim are infected, along with a good portion of the Gotham population, I’m thinking a cure will be forthcoming. But will that redeem Lee, who infected herself, and then allowed the virus bomb to go off? Or will she be held accountable for her actions, which could lead to several deaths?… And don’t forget about Fish Mooney and the freak squad. What roll will they play in all of this? I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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