South Park: Season 20 Blu-ray Review

The skankhunt42 season of South Park looks glorious in HD. It’s international with the Danish and trolls from around the world giving bright new scenes to the epic story. The purple member berries glow with surreal vibrance and the gross images like the trolls are graphic in HD too. The elaborate backdrops like the Troll Trace mainframe really show off the nuance and detail they put into the seemingly simple animation.

11 minutes of deleted scenes include Cartman reads an offensive fairy tale to kindergarten. An exposition scene never made it past storyboard. There’s more member berries! A Gerald pep talk is as insensitive as his skankunt42 persona. The trolls telling off Gerald should’ve absolutely been in the show. They should’ve made room.

They’ve put all the commentary in one 20 minute block which is convenient. It even goes back to clips of season 19. They open up about the problem with serializing South Park, with the Internet troll story evolving in the real world as they were writing. Their analysis of Trump and the world of provocateurs is intelligent.

They’ve included a full 54 minute Comic-con panel moderated by Chris Hardwick. It goes all the way back to Spirit of Christmas and includes tidbits I actually haven’t heard before like Terry Gilliam’s influence and how much they were paid for Spirit. The origin of Critter Christmas is pretty informative too Some of the audience is cosplaying as South Park characters when they ask questions! I love the girl cosplaying Tweek.

20th anniversary TV spots are preserved in HD too. I find the social commentaries quite obvious. Do they tweet this? Maybe it plays better on Twitter than subtitled on the episode.