Power Rangers Blu-ray

Power Rangers Blu-rayThis year’s Power Rangers movie introduced a new generation to some mighty morphin’. The film’s modern approach looks great on Blu-ray and is loaded with thorough extras to take kids behind the scenes.

The dark and gritty take on Power Rangers holds up beautifully at home. You see all the detail in the cave and then the final battle really comes to life with the bright colorful armor and gold monster. They’ve put a lot of texture and different reflecting surfaces into the armor too and you see it all in HD, as well as all the detail in the Rita Repulsa (Elizabeth Banks) makeup.Power Rangers

In two hours and 20 minutes of in-depth bonus features, what comes through is sincerity. Everyone involved was out to give kids a great new team of heroes, and these extras give due to all the costume, makeup and FX artists. Seeing unpainted test costumes is cool, and test VFX done against plain clothes. It looks just as good as the finished effect in the film! Bill Hader’s recollection of the early take on Alpha 5 would’ve made a very different movie.

Power RangersThere are over 30 minutes of deleted and alternate scenes. There’s a lot more about Jason (Dacre Montgomery)’s crime and pressure to return to sports. Then it gets tedious with slower buildup and more expositon about Rita stealing gold. The original Rangers have a different cameo in a fun scene for Trini (Becky G) and Kimberly (Naomi Scott).

Director Dean Israelite and screenwriter John Gatins give an in depth commentary about the development of the adaptation and themes they wanted to update. This is a valuable discussion about what works in film and how to take any property seriously, no matter its origins.

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