Hey all, Comic-con was awesome!  It’s always exciting and fun, but it’s also crowded, which adds a hint of frustration into the mix.  But I survived, and I can’t wait to go back next year.  So without further adieu, here’s what’s happening in the ‘DC Comics Television Universe.’


KRYPTON: This new show takes place in the past, but there’s a Terminator-twist. Folks from the present go back in time to stop Superman’s Legacy. So while the show is set in Krypton’s past, we will see some present-day iconic DC heroes showing up to stop the time-tampering. We will see Adam Strange and Hawkwoman for sure, but I’m sure there will be other heroic surprises. But that’s not all; we’ll also see versions Brainiac and Doomsday. Yikes! I hope you’re excited because I know I am.

Now the narration in the trailer makes sense. Superman’s grandfather, Seg-El, mentions his grandson, AND that he’ll be on another planet. I was wondering how he knew so much about the future. But I get it now! He gets insider information. So now, Seg-el has to save his future family and his present one. Because due to events outside of Seg-el’s control, his family is disgraced and lands at the bottom of Kryptonaian society. So Seg-el has to restore the honor of the house of ‘EL’ , and save Superman. Now that’s a Heroes’ Journey.

Krypton will premiere in 2018 on the SYFY network, so stay tuned! Also, take note that this has nothing to do with the CW, so it’s not a part of that Universe. No crossovers.


THE FLASH: Barry Allen does return! Yeah! Grant still has a job. But we all knew he wasn’t gone for good, didn’t we? Caitlin Snow is also back, we see her in the trailer for next season. And as I predicted, she’s kind of a Killer Frost/Caitlin combo. But she does appear to be more good than evil, since we see her helping Team Flash. Iris West steps up as team leader during Barry’s absence, and maybe beyond. Joe and Cecile get serious. And Cisco will meet Gypsy’s Dad, Danny Trejo. Uh-oh Cisco, you’re in trouble now.

The Flash returns OCTOBER 10th – and this season will be a bit lighter, and the big bad won’t be another speedster. Thank God! So stay tuned!!!


ARROW: They aren’t telling who survives the season finale. Remember that the island blew up with the entire supporting cast still trapped there. But in the new trailer we see Black Siren fighting Black Canary, so we know they survived. And we see Oliver as a dad. But that kid must be traumatized after seeing so much death. And his mother may or may not be dead as well. Yikes! Get the kid a therapist. We also learned that the flashbacks this year won’t be all Oliver’s, so whoever survives will get their turn in the mental way-back machine.

Arrow returns OCTOBER 12th – Michael Emerson, from Lost, will be joining the show. Stay Tuned!!!


DC LEGENDS OF TOMORROW: Captain Cold and Damien Darhk return, but with a different vibe, and Rip Hunter is also back. Rip left at the end of last season, but he didn’t go far. And a new Legend joins the group; it’s Zari Tomaz who may or may not be the comic book hero Isis. Because that named is now linked to terrorists, she may never be called that. And in a ‘Freaky Friday’ twist, Jax and Stein switch roles, becoming Firestein. How wild is that?

DC Legends Of Tomorrow returns OCTOBER 10th – And keep an eye out for a possible Constantine visit, and if we’re lucky, Black Siren and White Canary might collide. Stay Tuned!!!!


SUPERGIRL: The loss of Mon-el hits Supergirl hard, and she begins to question the need for a Kara Danvers secret identity. She’s only pretending to be human, and her newly hardened façade wonders why she bothers. Ouch Supergirl, don’t lose your humanity. It’s what we love about you. James gets a new love, and hopefully a better storyline. Lena Luthor faces off against a newcomer named Morgan Edge. The Martian Manhunter reunites with his dad. So he’s not the only green Martian alive. And Supergirl’s new super-foe is a fellow Kryptonian named Reign.

Supergirl returns OCTOBER 9th – And Mon-el will return at some point, but they won’t say when or how. But I’m guessing the Legion Of Superheroes will have something to do with it. (They’re from the future.)


GOTHAM: The producers didn’t give away a lot of info about what’s to come. But Bruce will become more Batman-like, wearing body armor and using grappling hooks, etc. But he’s not going full bat. Not yet anyway. And Selina will begin down a path of villainy, or redemption, but we don’t know which the Catwoman-esk girl will choose. But we do know that Butch will become Solomon Grundy. He got shot in the head, as you recall. But nobody stays dead in Gotham. And Barbara got electrocuted, but she survived as well. And according to the rules of Gotham, The Riddler will undoubtedly survive being flash frozen too. I wonder how undertakers even make a living in Gotham. Nobody dies long enough to be buried. And oh yeah,  the Scarecrow will make his debut this year.

Gotham returns SEPTEMBER 28th – And Gotham’s Jerome interrupted the Comic-con Panel before being dragged off by security, so he’ll be back next year, face re-attached. And that’s a good thing.

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