Hey Gotham-ites, you know by now that this is the season of silly. And you’re either onboard or you’re not.   So let’s do this: Even the characters know that no one ever seems to die in Gotham. Maybe that’s why people still live in this messed up town. They may be robbed and assaulted by thugs who have licenses to do so, but at least they don’t have to worry about dying. And if they do die, they’ll just come back, and possibly have superpowers. In this episode, Edward Nygma, The Riddler, is Gotham’s latest resurrection.   After five months frozen solid, with no food or oxygen to the brain etcetera, a deranged high school crush breaks into Penguin’s club and blowtorches Nygma free. And voila, he’s pretty much fine.

I don’t know which is more unbelievable; Ed Nygma bouncing back from a five month deep-freeze in about a day. Or the fact that some girl back in high school was so in love with him that she’s still pining for him after all this time. She’s extremely ditzy, which is pretty much what you’d expect, and she’s been obsessively following his career as The Riddler, like a criminal groupie. But she soon finds out, to her chagrin, that Ed Nygma’s mind isn’t quite what it used to be. In fact, he can no longer solve even the world’s easiest riddles. Which is a big deal if you call yourself the Riddler.

Perturbed by his new handicap, The Riddler whacks his rescuer in the head with a big book of riddles, and escapes while she’s unconscious. And unfortunately for her, when she wakes up she’s face-to-face with The Penguin, who has come looking for Ed. And he’s none too happy about her sneaking into his poorly secured club and stealing the man who rejected him, and then killed him. So, after finding out that she doesn’t know where Ed went, Penguin has her killed. And bad news for her, she’s pretty much a one-note character, so she’s probably not coming back to life. Darn!  Here’s the take-away: The Penguin is a cold bird, so it’s better to leave your criminal high school crushes on ice, where they belong.

Speaking of The Penguin:  Jim Gordon wants to raise an army to stop The Penguin and his goons. So he goes down South, maybe Mexico, to find Falcone, a former Gotham Crime Boss. Lee married Falcone’s son, and then Jim killed him. The son had the mad-hatter virus and was crazed and about to kill Lee. But needless to say, Falcone still isn’t happy about how all that went down. Falcone says no the Jim’s request. Then Jim sleeps with his daughter, which I’m sure pretty much puts the final nail in that coffin. So, after his vacation fling, Jim returns to Gotham empty handed. But guess who else shows up in Gotham, determined to follow in her Father’s footsteps? It’s Lady Falcone. Jim does dig bad girls.

What about Bruce Wayne you ask? He’s still fighting crime in the dark streets of Gotham, with the help of his Butler. Every crime fighter should have one.   Bruce runs into Selina, in costume, and tries to save her. But instead, he almost gets both of them killed.  Selina and Bruce are both after a ceremonial knife that belonged to Ra’s al Gould. Neither can steal the knife, so Bruce just buys it at a criminal auction. He goes undercover, and supposedly pretends to be a rich brat that does whatever he wants with no regard for others, or the rules. But I say he’s been that guy since episode one. He’s just doing it more flamboyantly in this instance.

Speaking of Ra’s al Gould: The dude  shows up in this episode, and it’s revealed that he brought Barbara back to life via the Lazarus Pit. AND, he set her up in her new nice digs, with enough cash to start her arms business. It’s not really explained how are why he took Barbra back to his ancient healing health spa. But he did, and now they are romantically involved. But come on, he didn’t do all that just for the sex, did he? It says something about a guy when he has to resurrect someone to date.   But don’t worry Ra’s, you’re still cool. And for some reason, Ra’s really wants that ceremonial knife that Bruce bought at auction for two million dollar. Yeah, the kid rolls like that. I bet the knife has special abilities, it’s not just a chachki.  We just don’t know what it does yet. SO STAY TUNED!!!!

LAST WORDS: Gotham is all over the place this year. So if you’re a fan, just hang on and enjoy the ride. I think we get to see Butch’s return from the dead soon. He comes back as a brainless brute named Solomon Grundy! He was shot in the head after all, so I guess that makes sense, in Gotham.

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