Yeah, who died? That was the big question hanging over our heads all summer, and now we have some answers. It wasn’t exactly a blood bath. The three people I thought were possible corpses, Thea, Merlin, and Oliver’s Baby-Momma, are kind of dead. The Baby-Momma is definitely D.O.A., as we see her die in Oliver’s arms. After she tells him to take care of their son. But Thea is in a coma and unresponsive. And we think Merlin’s dead, but he’s come back from the grave before, so we can’t count him out just yet. Also, Black Siren gets shot by Quentin Lance and left for dead. But some unseen dude arrives just in time to save her. So she lives to sing another day. Plus, now she has Daddy issues. Oh well.

The episode takes place five months later, and Team Arrow is pretty much intact. Except for Diggle, whose hand shakes when he tries to fire a gun. He seems to be scarred physically, and maybe emotionally, from the explosion on the island. And of course, he keeps that info to himself. Quentin Lance is also going through some tough times. He shot Black Siren, but still feels like she’s his daughter Laurel. So he’s guilt ridden. Oliver tries to explain that she’s from Earth 2, but he can’t wrap his head around all that. And as previously stated, Thea is in the Hospital in a coma.

The flashbacks are still around too, but they’re different, at least in this episode. The flashbacks are about what happened on the island five months ago, and multiple people are having them. That’s how we see Quentin shoot Black Siren/Laurel, saving Black Canary. And we also see Oliver finding Thea’s body and crying over it. And his emotional farewell with his son’s dying Mom. And also in a flashback, we see Black Siren being saved by someone we can’t yet identify.   And then we see Diggle caught in an explosion. So you get a flashback, and you get a flashback. Everybody gets a flashback.

And speaking of explosions; Black Siren blows up the police station and the Arrow cave. At first Quentin thinks she’s after him, looking for revenge. But that’s not the case at all. And when Father and semi-daughter run into each other, he can’t shoot her, and she doesn’t kill him. There’s something going on there that I think could be pretty interesting. She steals one on Curtis’ orbs, a prototype. But we’re not sure why bad Laurel wants it. So I guess we have to STAY TUNED!!!!

LAST WORDS: Oliver’s kid doesn’t speak to him for all of five months, because he blames Oliver for his Mother’s death. And let’s face it, he’s kind of right. But by episode’s end, Slade Wilson’s parenting advice pays off, and Oliver and his son make a small breakthrough. I guess Slade and Oliver are friends now. But does that mean that Deathstroke will join Team Arrow?


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