DC ON TV: Time To Tune In!

October 16th  – Come on DC Television fans, it’s time to watch some TV! After a long summer of reruns, I know it’s hard to get back in the grove. But if we don’t watch our favorite shows they go away, and nobody wants that. Show some love to our titans in tights.

SUPERGIRL is on tonight. And I know she was a little mopey last week because she was all twisted up about losing Mon-el. But she’s all-better now, and ready to fight for Truth, Justice, and all that stuff….

THE FLASH and LEGENDS double-team us on Tuesday. Barry’s out of the speed force now, and back in his right mind. So the show will be fun again! He’s got a brand new brighter suit, and a lighter attitude. And we’ll meet the Elongated man, the stretchy guy, some time this season…

And the Legends broke time and then got fired for it last week, but by episode’s end they were back on the job! So that’s good news. And they end up at the Circus. Who doesn’t like the Circus? (Unless you’re afraid of clowns.) But I say; “Get Over IT.” – See what I did there? Pun intended y’all!!

ARROW is on Thursday night. We already found out who died, and basically it was the one character we barely even knew, Oliver’s Baby-Momma. So that won’t be hanging over our heads anymore. And Thea Queen may still be in a coma for a while, but she’s not dead, so she could wake at any time. I heard Roy Harper was coming back. Maybe the two events will coincide. And now Oliver is Mayor, The Green Arrow, AND a single Dad. That’s fun, unless his secret identity goes public this week. And it very well might.

And don’t forget that GOTHAM is also on Thursday nights. But it’s on FOX.   Bruce is at a crossroads. Jim is sleeping with a Mob Boss’ daughter, and Ivy is going through some chemically induced changes. It’s all weird, but that’s what makes Gotham Gotham. They’ll also be introducing Solomon Grundy at some point. That should be a hoot!

And speaking of the Grundy clan; On RIVERDALE, sexy Miss Grundy was killed by the same dude that shot Archie’s Dad. She was once again seducing one of her underage music students. That’s a sour note to go out on. That’s a Wednesday night guilty pleasure.

Like I said, there’s a lot to see. So STAY TUNED!!!