Well I was wrong. I thought Supergirl was done moping around because of Mon-el. But she still had that some woe-is-me attitude in this episode. The villainous PSI, used her fear-inducing power to incapacitate Supergirl, using her most traumatic experience against her. At first, Kara thinks that her vision of her Mom, sending young Kara off while Krypton explodes, is her worst fear. Which would make a lot of sense. But it’s not.

Kara’s big fear is that the space pod she sent Mon-el off in got destroyed, and he died. You know, because he hasn’t called her yet.   I mean, are interstellar calls that easy to make these days?   Maybe he’s just in a nebula that doesn’t have good reception. Or maybe he’s just busy trying to find a new place to live. Maybe wrap your head around that before you jump to the, “he’s probably dead” scenario. Gee whiz Supergirl.

Come on Producers, can you make these episodes a little more fun to watch please? Everybody is in crisis mode. Maggie and Alex are arguing, at the top secret D.E.O. facility, about whether or not they’ll have a live band or a DJ at their wedding. If there’s a wedding. It seems that the couple have more than music to worry about. Alex wants kids, while Maggie does not. Which is the kind of impasse that can split a couple. Is this the beginning of the end for Maggie and Alex?

James is in crisis mode too. It seems that now that Lena Luthor owns CATCO, she wants to take over, much to the chagrin of James Olsen. He thought running the company was his job. And while Lena claims that she’s not trying to usurp James’ authority, it’s obvious by her actions that she’s doing just that. And what has James Olsen got besides his position at CATCO? He’s not Kara’s love interest anymore, he’s not Guardian at the moment, or Superman’s best friend (Superman isn’t on the show anymore). So, in the grand scheme of things, poor James is just a Squirrel trying to get a nut.

And as for Reign, the new big bad for this season, she still thinks she’s an ordinary single mom without powers. Though her daughter believes otherwise, and sets off to prove it by putting herself in danger, and then texts her Mom to come save her. But that backfires, and Supergirl ends up saving both Mother and Daughter from a runaway wrecking ball.   Oh, and she overcomes her fear, thanks to a sister-to-sister pep talk, and defeats Psi with a head-butt. Way to go Girl Of Steel. STAY TUNED!!

LAST WORDS: At the end of the episode, Hank gets a telepathic message from M’gann. And it looks like Hank and Kara are headed to Mars next week. That should be fun. And what ever happened to Winn’s alien girlfriend? Don’t tell me Winn got dumped. And if he did, bravo Winn, for not being all down-in-the-dumps about it. Maybe Kara can learn a lesson


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