Gotham City must have one of the worst Health Care Systems ever. After six months in a coma, Butch is taken by two of the hospital’s cackling cronies and dumped in a toxic swamp. And this wasn’t done on a madman’s whim, it’s Hospital policy. They needed the bed space. Needless to say, Butch doesn’t die, he’s reborn as the super strong Solomon Grundy.   He’s a stark white behemoth now with more muscles than brains.

Grundy doesn’t remember anything about being Butch. Which is lucky for Ed Nygma, who happens upon him in a Gotham alley. Because Ed and Butch were sworn enemies. But now Ed Nygma can easily convince Solomon Grundy that they are best buds. Which allows Nygma the opportunity to totally exploit Grundy at Gotham’s underground version of Fight Club. Which by coincidence is where Lee is now working as the operation’s Goth Thug Doctor. Goodness gracious, what will Jim say when he finds out?

Speaking of Jim Gordon, he and Alfred are frantically looking for Bruce. He’s gone and so is the ceremonial knife. And they are both convinced that, despite Bruce’s vow never to kill, he’s about to go  murder Ra’s al Goul.   Which is exactly what Bruce is planning to do. I don’t think Bruce has ever kept a vow he’s made. But the twist is that Ra’s wants to die. And the Ceremonial knife is the only weapon that can do the job, and release him from his suffering. I guess living forever comes with consequences. But Bruce isn’t a murderer, is he?

Sure he is. Bruce is still upset that Ra’s killed his little friend Alex. Though in reality, if Bruce had given Ra’s the ceremonial knife when he asked for it, Alex would still be alive today.   At least Bruce recognizes that Alex’s death is his fault, though he still goes to the funeral. I just wish that Alex’s Mom or Dad had punched him in the face for his part in getting their son’s throat cut. Or maybe they’ll just become revenge-seeking vigilantes too. After all, this is Gotham. But they would be coming after Bruce, and we can’t have that.

Alex’s parents can’t confront Ra’s al Goul, demanding justice, since he was the actual throat cutter. Because Bruce Wayne stabs and kills Ra’s, doing just as he asked. But don’t worry. Even though both Alfred and Jim Gordon witnessed Bruce’s murderous act, there won’t be any consequences. Bruce won’t serve any jail time, or even get grounded for what he’s done, because that’s how the law works in Gotham. And though Jim Gordon rants and raves about playing by the rules, when it comes to his friends, he’s always more than willing to turn a blind eye.

And what about Barbara? She’s kind of the grieving widow now. Ra’s brought her back to life in the Lazarus Pit and then they started dating. Well don’t fret, because before Ra’s died, he and Barb shared a moment that involved some kind of energy exchange. Get your minds out of the gutter, they just touched hands.  Ra’s called it a gift, but didn’t explain how his little energy boost would affect Barbara in the long run. I guess we have to wait and see. SO STAY TUNED!!

LAST WORDS: Gotham is both stylish and silly, making it a guilty pleasure, or just downright hard to watch. And now that Butch is Solomon Grundy, it makes me wonder what his girlfriend Tabitha will do when they finally cross paths.  And what’s in store for Ivy? Last time we saw her, Ivy had just swallowed a handful of experimental drugs, and her face began to bubble and change. So is she powering up or freaking out? And what about Jerome? Will we ever see him again? So many questions….


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