This episode’s actual title is ‘Far From The Tree’, but it’s really about two fathers who haven’t seen their kids in a very long time.   Hank has always assumed that he was the very last Green Martian. But M’gann informs him that his father is alive, and has been in prison for two hundred years. Yikes! So Father and Son haven’t laid eyes on each other in two centuries. And back on Earth, the second Father is Maggie’s Dad. When he found out she was gay he abandoned her at age 14, and they haven’t spoken since. So by Earth Standards, that’s a long time too. And when Eliza Danvers, Alex/Kara’s Mom, breezes into town to throw a bridal shower, guess who’s invited?

Well let’s start on Earth. Eliza shows up to throw Alex and Maggie a bridal shower. Unfortunately, Kara is on Mars helping Hank with his family crisis, so she misses the whole thing. But when Eliza asks about Maggie’s family, Maggie tells her the story of how her Father found out she liked a girl, at age 14, and packed Maggie’s bags and dropped her at her Aunt’s doorstep.  It’s a sad story that even Alex hadn’t heard before. Unanswered Questions: Why this Aunt? Is she gay also or just more tolerant? And what about Maggie’s Mom? There is no info on how she felt. Though she doesn’t come to the shower at all, while the Father at least makes an appearance.

Maggie’s Father shows up for the shower, and at first appears to be cool with it. But he ends up storming out when Maggie and Alex are affectionate. He tells Maggie how hard he worked for acceptance, being an immigrant, though the irony is that he can’t accept Maggie for who she is. That’s when Maggie realizes that she doesn’t need him or his acceptance. Maggie is a woman that is loved and accepted, and secure in who she is. So Maggie doesn’t need her Dad’s approval to move forward. Which she intends to do with Alex, the love of her life. But fly-in-the-ointment time, Alex was hoping that Maggie would change her no-kids stance, but Maggie hasn’t. So how will that affect the upcoming nuptials?

On Mars: Hank and Supergirl fly up to Mars in Hank’s classic convertible, which transforms into a sleek space ship. M’gann and the freedom fighters need help. M’gann and her crew are reformed White Martians who want to change things on Mars for the better. Unfortunately, that change won’t help the Green Martians, since they are mostly dead. The only two alive are Hank, and Hank’s newly discovered Dad. Hank’s Dad is a High Priest, so the White Martians were afraid to kill him. But it didn’t stop them from keeping him locked up for two hundred years. And now M’gann and the freedom fighters need Daddy’s help to find an ancient weapon of great power, before it falls into the wrong hands. So they ask Hank to convince his Dad to give away its location, since he knows where it is.

Funny thing about Martians, they can shape-shift. So when Hank and his father are reunited, Hank’s father thinks it’s a trick. He doesn’t believe that Hank is his son. He thinks his son died centuries ago. And when Hank tells him that he escaped to Earth and didn’t die, his Dad denies the truth. Because he feels that his son would never be cowardly enough to flee Mars. Ouch Dad, judge much? But after a Martian mind-meld, Father and some are truly reunited. And with Supergirls help, Hank and the Freedom Fighters secure the weapon and all is right on Mars. Well, all that can be right. The good guys may have won the battle, but the war rages on.

Supergirl and Hank return to Earth, with Hank’s Dad. And they also have the Martian Weapon. It’s so powerful, M’gann and the freedom Fighters didn’t want to use it. But they also didn’t want it used against them. So what happens now? STAY TUNED!!!

LAST WORDS:  It’s always weird to see Eliza Danvers, because her hubby is still out there somewhere in a Cadmus prison.  And no one seems all that interested in finding and freeing him.  Jeremiah Danvers, played by Dean Cain, is Alex’s Dad, and Kara adopted Dad.  But saving him never seems to be a top priority.  In fact, it’s hardly ever mentioned.  Alex was a little moody a few episodes ago, when she realized that he wasn’t around to walk her down the aisle.  But she asked Hank to do the honors and everything was back to status quo.  So I say, lets start a SAVE JEREMIAH campaign. So who’s with me?

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