Hey all, in this episode we see one sad goodbye, and one welcome Hello. Harry is back from Earth-2. Banished from Team Quick, Jessie’s new superhero support group, Harry comes bearing bad news for Wally. He’s been dumped. I guess you can say that the young couple are from completely different worlds, literally. So Wally super-speeds over to see Jessie, missing the entire episode. And when he returns, heartbroken, he announces that he’s leaving Central City to work some things out. And ba-da-bing-ba-da-boom, he’s gone, promising to run back when needed, or just to visit.   So now, Central City is a one-speedster town again. How sad. I’m really going to miss you Kid Flash. Though your changing hair dynamic was a little weird this season.

The villain this week is Havoc. She’s a former ‘bad-luck’ babe who gains super ‘good-luck’ powers. The main problem is that her good luck creates bad luck for everyone around her, creating havoc in Central City. An airplane almost crashes because of her. Plus, she’s using her new powers to rob banks. And that seems like a waste when she can just relax at Jitter and play lottery scratchers all day, winning money on the legit. But since she commits an actual crime, it’s time to cuff her and take her away. That’s easier said than done though, because of all the bad luck Team Flash runs into when they try to catch her. But after a silly/fun episode, she’s bagged, tagged and put in a meta-prison. Her powers nullified.

Also in this episode, Team Flash figures out where all these new meta-humans are coming from. When Cisco and the team ripped Barry out of the speed-force, a wave of dark matter was released and hit a bus. And now all 12 people on that bus are potentially meta-humans now. Yikes! So Barry and Team Flash once again caused their own problems. Though I guess being a meta-human doesn’t necessarily mean you’re evil. But so far the ‘powers = bad guy’ scenario is proving to be true. Though I have a feeling that the new stretchy guy they meet next week might surprise them.

And wait a minute, is the new meta-human outbreak really Team Flash’s fault? Harry doesn’t think so. He surmises that the guy that created the super samurai robot, and demanded a showdown with The Flash, orchestrated the creation of the Meta-humans. And he’s right. But who is smart enough to plan something so intricate? Maybe it’s someone who does a lot of deep thinking, and calls himself The Thinker perhaps. Yeah, it’s that guy.  But we’re not sure what he’s planning just yet.

And good for you Harry, you figured out that there’s a new Big Bad in town. Now bestow some additional wisdom on the team and tell the team not to collect souvenirs. Because the head of the robo-samurai that’s sitting on a shelf in Star Labs, is actually a transmitter. And now The Thinker can see everything that’s happening in the lab. But to what end?  STAY TUNED!!!!

LAST WORDS: And what about Wally West? I’m sure he’ll show up for the wedding of Barry and Iris, and maybe for the crossover. But I will miss the dude. So I hope the Producers have plans for the character. Maybe he can join Legends, or visit Star City. Or, fingers crossed, he’ll show up on the new Teen Titans show. Kid Flash is a founding member of the Titans, at least in the comics…      And what about Joe West? Cecile just dropped the bomb that she’s pregnant. They both have adult-age kids, so is a new baby really about to debut on the show? And does that mean that Cecile and Joe will be getting married too? Well if so, let’s just hope it’s not a double wedding. Barry and Iris deserve their own special day.

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