Welcome to the Pyg Party, and that’s not a misspelling. Pyg is the name of the new villain that turned this episode of Gotham back into a detective show. There’s no Bruce, Alfred, Ivy, Selina, or Barbara, and only a smattering of the other regulars. We see that Lady Falcone is befriending Penguin, but to what end is yet to be revealed. And we see the Gotham Fight Club, and how Ed Nygma gets Lee to help him when she hates his guts. Oh, and somebody else’s’ throat gets cut. I guess that’s become a popular thing in Gotham.

It is great to see Jim and Harvey back on the beat, even if the crime they’re trying to solve is pretty gruesome. A new villain, who wears a butchered pig’s head over his own, is killing members of the GCPD. So dirty cops better beware! This Pyg perpetrator is rooting out cops on the take, and then taking them down. He finds the cops on Penguin’s payroll, kills them, then leaves them to be discovered also wearing a butchered pig’s head over their own. Because Pig = Cops, in derogatory slang terms.

Penguin doesn’t seem too concerned, which is surprising, because this new Pyg Person is killing without a license. But Penguin does provide Jim with a lead, which takes Harvey and Jim to the criminal’s lair. They think they are in time to save an imprisoned cop, but the Pyg Poindexter has transformed that cop into a human bomb. Which explodes and goes BOOM, knocking out both Jim and Harvey. Jim awakes, tied to a chair. He’s to be spared because he’s not on Penguin’s payroll. But Harvey’s head is on the chopping block.

To save his buddy Harvey, Jim has to throw himself off the second floor, so that when he crashes on the first floor, the chair will break and he’ll be free. It’s a dangerous plan, anywhere but Gotham. Jim survives the fall with no broken bones, or ill effects, and bounds off to rescue Harvey and take down the bad guy. But our Pyg Protagonist has an escape plan. He slits Harvey’s throat, but just deep enough that Jim has to act fast to save him. Giving the Pyg Perp time to make his escape.

Harvey survives, and can still talk. But does this mean that our beloved Harvey is a cop on the take? Yes it does! And Jim is thoroughly disgusted by the revelation. But in Harvey’s defense, the Mayor ordered him to honor Penguin’s new license plan. He isn’t doing it for the money. He’s just taking the cash for something he was forced to do anyway.   But in Jim’s eyes, Harvey’s crossed the line. So how will this affect their friendship/partnership? And what about Gotham’s new Pyg Problem? We’ll have to wait and see what happens. STAY TUNED…

LAST WORDS: Lee is feeling guilty because of her part in releasing the mind-altering gas last season, as she should. So Lee came back to open a free clinic, to help the poor who were subjected to it. Good girl Lee, you redeem yourself if you can.The head of the Fight Club has been helping her out. But she needs more money for the life-saving drugs her patients require. Money she doesn’t have.   So Ed Nygma gives her Solomon Grundy’s fight earnings to help the clinic, but in return she has to help him become smart again. But since when is she a neurologist? … And Butch, now Solomon Grundy, has swamp water for blood, and no heartbeat. So how is he even alive? Only in Gotham.

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