THE FLASH Recap: “Elongated Journey Into Night

This is a fun episode, and I consider that a big win for an episode of The Flash. The show was dark all of last year, and it’s time to let the sun shine in. We meet three people this episode. We meet smarmy Ralph Dibny, the bitter ex-cop turned Private Investigator that hates Barry. And we meet a moody and pessimistic Barry Allen, who obviously has a history with Ralph. Then there’s Gypsy’s Dad named Breacher, who wants to hunt and kill Cisco like an animal. (And the formidable-looking Danny Trejo plays him with gusto.)

At first Ralph denies that he was on the bus that got hit by a wave of dark matter. Until his body begins to stretch like out-of-control silly-putty. Then he needs Star Labs ASAP. And thankfully for Ralph, despite Barry’s desire to just lock him in the pipeline and throw away the key, Caitlin wants to help him. She thinks she can help Ralph get a handle on his new abilities. Because once Ralph’s all stretched out, his body doesn’t want to retract back to its normal state, leaving Ralph all over the place.   And Caitlin is sympathetic because her own powers were, and possible still are, hard to control.   So brilliant Caitlin finds a way to stabilize Ralph’s powers, giving him control over his new, indestructible, silly-putty self. He can even turn his beer-belly into a six-pack.

Meanwhile, Breacher is hunting Cisco, which is a deadly little game he plays with all of Gypsy’s boyfriends. And the only rules are; no powers, and no mercy. Dating on Earth-19 seems a tad more complicated than it is here. But Cisco isn’t the only one being hunted. We find out that Ralph is blackmailing the Mayor, who is more than willing to kill to keep his indiscretions under-wraps.  So the Mayor’s goons are hunting for Ralph. And when the Mayor finds out that Joe and Barry know about Ralph’s blackmail scheme, they become targets too. YIKES!!!!

But Barry Allen is the Flash. So he’s easily able to save Iris, when those nasty thugs try and blow up Ralph’s office. He just vibrates the two of them through the floor as the bomb explores. And when the same two thugs show up at Barry’s place to shoot Joe and Barry, he easily out maneuvers the bullets and knocks out the bad dudes, easy-peasy. . But things get complicated when Breacher attacks Barry and Ralph, believing that Ralph was one of the invaders that attacked his world. Ralph isn’t! And Cisco has to stop running and man-up to stop Breecher.   Good going Cisco!!!

But while all of this was going down, the Mayor kidnapped Joe and took off in a helicopter. Talk about bad political career moves. But Barry is too drained to run up the side of a building and catch them. So it’s now up to Ralph, who can fling his arm out and catch the copter, allowing Barry to run up his outstretched forearm and save Joe. Talk about freaky teamwork y’all!

And here’s some exposition for you: We find out that when Barry was a rookie forensic investigator, he ratted out Ralph, who falsified evidence to put away a killer. And that’s why Ralph got kicked out of the CCPD, and that’s why Ralph hated Barry. But, in present day, Barry was basically being a jerk to Ralph out of guilt. Because as The Flash, he’s done worse to stop raging meta-human murderers. Team Flash used to lock them up in the pipeline, without any form of trial or due process. So seeing Ralph reminded Barry of how many wrongs his done while trying to do right. But now that Ralph is joining the team as a new hero-in-training, everything’s forgiven. But what about The Thinker? He’s still out there. STAY TUNED!

LAST WORDS: So we lost Kid Flash and got a stretchy guy. And that’s okay because co-showrunner Andrew Kreisberg promises that Wally’s not gone for good, and that there are big things in store for Wally West. I’m still hoping that he super speeds over to the new Teen Titans series that’s being produced. But we know for sure that Wally will return to The Flash for a visit on November 21st. And hopefully, fingers crossed, his rubbery suit will get a sleek new upgrade. Long live Wally West!