SUPERGIRL Recap: “The Kids Are Alright”

Supergirl was super boring this week so this won’t be a long recap. The story was pretty straightforward and it wasn’t clever or smart. Morgan Edge wanted revenge against Lena Luthor so he poisoned some kids at a local pool and blamed it on Lena. But anyone with half a brain could have traced the lead poison back to that pool, since the kids that swam there were the only ones that got sick. And that would have immediately exonerated Lena. Because the poison was still in the water and in canisters in the storage room.  How sloppy is that?

The Center for Disease Control, the CDC, would have figured all that out after a few routine questions and a trip to the pool. But it took Kara and her new hacker friend the entire episode, and high tech equipment, to put two and two together.   I guess either the CDC took the day off, or Supergirl’s writers did. And big bad Morgan Edge was ok with killing kids, but when it came to Lena, who actually showed up at his office with a gun to kill him, he was too softhearted. So instead of killing her right then and there, he knocks her out and puts her in an unmanned plane, intending to crash it. Holy hackneyed hijinks Batman!!

But at least the episode gave Lena a chance to whine about the burden of being a Luthor. Getting stinking drunk in the process. I notice that Lena Luthor never attempted to change her name, make it on her own, or wean herself off the family cash cow. And oh yeah, it gave Lena and Kara yet another chance to bond as ‘sisters’. Newsflash! Kara already has a sister. And Alex could have used a little more support this episode since she sent Maggie packing. But not before Alex and Maggie indulged in some heated break-up sex. Yeah, this is still a family show, right?

A handful of kids got sick, but none died. Yet the whole town went off their nut. One mom even tried to shoot Lena at a rally. But she shot James instead. So instead of being there to support her sick kid, she’s off to prison. I guess she didn’t think that through. If the kid had died, at least her actions may have been motivated. But as it was, it all seemed contrived. Though if you stuck around for fifty minutes there was a cool plane crash save. And that made it all worth it. Didn’t it?  And what’s with up with Lena?  She claims to be good, but takes a gun and tries to kill Morgan Edge.  And what’s up with all the drinking?  First Lena gets smashed, and then Alex goes to drown her sorrows.  Booze isn’t a problem solver.

LAST WORDS: Alex and Maggie split up because Alex wants to be a Mom and Maggie doesn’t want to be a Mom. But before Alex sent Maggie packing, literally, I would have suggested couples therapy before giving the loving relationship the boot. But nobody asked me. I know of two couples that went through the same thing and managed to work through a solution. So now no one on the show is in a functional relationship. We haven’t seen Winn’s girl this season. Mon-el left Supergirl and the Earth due to allergies. M’gann left Hank to go freedom fighting on Mars. And Kara dumped James early this season. So Alex is just the latest in a string of broken hearts.  Maybe love will make a resurgence when/if Mon-el makes it back later this season.  STAY TUNED.