SUPERGIRL Review: “Midvale”

This is a really cool episode. It shows us what the Supergirl series would have been like if it had gone the “Smallville” route. The episode shows us the world of young teen Kara and Alex, and gives us a super powered Nancy Drew adventure. It shows how the two went from battling strangers to loving sisters, as they embark on their first high school adventure. Erica Durance, Smallville’s Lois Lane, even makes an appearance in a very unexpected way. And kudos to finding two teen girls who look exactly like the adult Kara and Alex.

The story starts with grown-up Kara and Alex heading home to Midvale for some needed stress relief. Alex just broke off her relationship with Maggie, and Kara’s Mon-el is lost somewhere in the void. But their heartaches don’t unify them, it causes them to clash, and that triggers our blast from the past. We see popular teen Alex clash with her new outsider sister Kara. Alex feels that Kara’s arrival is the cause of all her woes. Because at this juncture, Alex’s father has gone missing, presumed dead, and now she’s stuck babysitting an alien.

In good ole Midvale High, Alex runs with the popular crowd, while Kara only has one geek friend named Kevin. But when Kevin turns up dead, the two girls unite to solve the mystery.   Turns out that Kevin was secretly tutoring Alex in math, so she feels the pain of his loss as much as Kara does. And as it turns out, Kevin had a telescope, and was a bit of a snoop. So he had dirt on a lot of people in town. So Kevin knew someone’s secret, and that person was willing to kill to protect it.

At first Kara believes that the star football player, who bullied Kevin, was the killer.  Because Kevin found out that he smoked pot. But after Kara uses her super strength to strong-arm the creep, she learns that he’s innocent. Though the pot smoking revelation gets him kicked off the team. Alienating Kara even more.

Then Kara and Alex discover that Alex’s super-popular best friend is having an affair with a teacher. YIKES!  The girl thinks they’re in love and begs Alex not to tell. But Alex does tell. That’s when a car tries to kill Kara and Alex. But Kara uses her powers to save Alex. And the lecherous teacher gets tossed in the slammer, where he belongs.  Case solved.  Or is it?

That’s when Kara gets a visit from Agent Noel Neill, played by Erica Durance. Who, if you recall, also plays Kara’s Kryptonian mom. Coincidence? Not Really. It’s The Martian Manhunter in disguised. He warns Kara not to use her powers, because it’s dangerous. And I guess he chose the form of her Kryptonian Mom to make a connection that Kara would trust. But meanwhile, Alex talks to her best friend, who now hates her for squealing, and finds out that the creepy teacher wasn’t the one who tried to kill the girls. Which means that he’s not Kevin’s killer.

Kara, scared off by Agent Noel Neill, gives up on the investigation, but Alex doesn’t. Alex finds out that the friendly town Sheriff is a drug dealer, and the real killer. But the information almost gets Alex killed. Thankfully, Kara flies in to save the day. And in the end, the feuding siblings come together as friends and sisters. And that memory helps grown-up Alex and Kara come together as well.

Then the two head back to National City, feeling a bit better about their lives. But Mon-el returns from the void next episode, a changed man, and it doesn’t look like Kara and Mon-el will have the happy reunion she’s been hoping for… SO STAY TUNED!

LAST WORDS: Erica Durance’s appearance wasn’t the only ‘Smallville’ Easter Egg. Kara and Alex communicate with Clark Kent’s friend Chloe, via computer, to decrypt a computer file. Chloe was the tech-wiz on ‘Smallville.’ And speaking of Easter Eggs, Erica Durance’s character this episode was named Noel Neill. And that’s the name of the woman who first played Lois Lane on screen, and then reprised the character in The 1950’s TV show, ‘The Adventures of Superman’.  Well played!