SUPERGIRL Recap: Wake Up!

Supergirl needs to wake up! Mon-el is found in a space ship at the bottom of the bay, and Winn says it’s been there for over a thousand years. So he’s acting all weird because of some sort of timey-whimey thing. And even though he’s only been missing for seven months here on Earth, for him it’s been seven years. So he’s moved on. And though he missed Kara at first, he eventually got over her and married someone else.

Yep, Mon-el is married to Imra. She’s from Titan, one of Saturn’s moons. And she’s from the future. When Mon-el’s ship took to space seven months ago, He fell into a black hole and was shot about a thousand years into the future. That’s where he’s been living for the past seven years. And though he doesn’t go into detail, as a comic book nerd, I know that he became a member of the Legion of Superheroes. That’s an intergalactic superhero team. And his wife, Imra is called ‘Saturn Girl’. And she has telepathic powers.

But Mon-el doesn’t tell why he and Imra were trapped in that ship at the bottom of the bay. And who are the others still asleep in the ship. I have a feeling we’ll discover that one of the passengers is Brainiac-5, a green-skinned, blond from the planet Colu. In the comics, Brainiac-5 and supergirl fall in love. So keep an eye on those two.  And we also see Hank and his Dad finally do some bonding.  SO STAY TUNED!!!

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